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Talking beauty business and brow bar myths at Mrs. Highbrow

The brow is big. Browsing our favorite blogs, one thing became certain: after the thick-to-thin-back-to-full, the thick supermodel eyebrow movement is in full force. Glossier is dedicating a whole month to brows, the feathered brows sculpted by LA-based eyebrow artist Kristie Streicher are a huge hit and one of the most Googled beauty questions remains ‘How do I shape and fill my eyebrows?’

Brows are not only the frame of your face, they’re obviously a lot more. For brow power combined with brain power, we visited brow specialist Daisy Molenaar (27) at Mrs. Highbrow, where we underwent a treatment ourselves. For the first time ever. Which was pretty exciting!

What makes Mrs. Highbrow different from other brow bars?
Daisy: “Probably the relaxed atmosphere. In the shop, we have tailored barber chairs. They’re super soft and comfortable. We’re a barbershop for women, actually!”

How big is the team?
Daisy: “Our team consists of eight people. We are passionate in what we do here at Mrs. Highbrow. Each of us is specialised, whether it’s waxing, tweezing or tinting. We also have a threading queen in the house. Threading is an ancient way of epilation: by using a thread, even the smallest are hairs removed.”

And what about those 3D hair strokes?
Daisy: “That’s what we call semi-permanent makeup. By drawing tiny hair strokes, we make the eyebrow look fuller. Then, there’s a special shadow technique were we apply a soft shadow to the brow, as how you would do it with powder. The difference is this treatment stays on for twelve months or so, so you just get up in the morning and go!”

When to wax, thread or tweeze?
Daisy: “Waxing is suitable for almost any type of skin. By waxing a tight and tidy eyebrow is created from the existing brow. Good to know: whenever you have sensitive skin, or you’re using medication that makes your skin thinner, I’d not recommend waxing because you have a high risk of a rash afterwards. Threading might feel a bit more painful than waxing. It’s not suitable for mature skin, but has the same smooth effect as the waxing has. Tweezing is the best option for a very natural looking brow. The skin treatment is relatively mild compared to threading and waxing.”

Do you feel it’s a trend?
Daisy: “Yes! Especially in the weekends, we’re pretty much fully booked.”

And what treatment gets booked most?
Daisy: “Brow waxing, tweezing and tinting together for 36 euros. It takes about 30 minutes.”

How does the treatment work?
Daisy: “When a customer comes in for a treatment the first time, we talk about their wishes and discuss the possibilities. We look closely at the face and the brows and determine which technique we’re going to use to shape and tint. Through waxing or eyebrow threading a form is shaped. Optionally, a paint is applied to the eyebrows to make them even more present. This can be done by eyebrow paint or using henna. The dye will be visible for about three weeks before fading.”

So, how do you define the perfect brow shape for a customer?
Daisy: “By looking closely how the natural brow grows and sticking to the basic three-point technique, defining the beginning, arch and end of the brow. Not every face is symmetrical, so I measure but I mainly have to go with my experience.”

What is your favourite brow tool?
Daisy: “I am very much attached to my tiny golden scissors. I personally feel that too little people are comfortable with trimming. It can make such a big difference. For me, it’s like the icing on the cake.”

What’s your favourite brow product right now?
Daisy: “Power Brow Pomade by Mrs. Highbrow in dark brown, a creamy brow gel. It’s one of those super user friendly products. Not everyone is able to draw a nice straight line under the eyebrows to make them smooth and tight, with this product you can. Trust me.”

Three brow myths debunked by Daisy:
1) You should always remove the hair above your brows
“I’d say yes. By removing the top hairs, you’ll easily create a tight shape. But please leave this to your specialist, since it’s a very delicate job!”

2) The colour of your brows always have to match your hair
“Nope, those days are long gone. A lady with platinum hair like Yara can spice things up by adding a pair of matt dark brows.”

3) An eyebrow pencil is the best way to fill in your brows
“It’s 2015, there are countless other possibilities to fill in your brows to perfection. It will take you some testing to see what method is most comfortable for you, so get creative.”

We’ll explore the world of beauty business at CHAPTER FRIDAY, stay tuned for more manicure magic, perfectly shaped brows, and the art of braiding!

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