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Our 7 favourite online stationery sources

Hey, it’s OK… if you’re an office staple hoarder. From journals to, post-its, gel pens, paperclips (honestly; when do you ever use ’em), stickers, planner sheets, binders; the more desk supplies you have within reach, the harder you work. At least, that’s our philosophy!

Because many of you get quite excited too by carefully curated office goods, we’ve listed our sweet spots in supply land. This is where we find the most functional and funkiest items in office supply land.

Skinny Dip London
Why not carry your Sharpie pens in a cactus pencil case? The in-house design team at Skinny Dip aims to bring you fun and exciting products, which is totally working. Their motto: life is hard, pizza is easy. All products are about drizzling donuts, pop art, and glitters. Good to know: the brand is available at ASOS and Topshop.

Studio Julia Kostreva
Mesmerized by her marble printed agendas, the graphic cleanliness Julia represents is strongly visible in the products she sells. A case of minimal design, big impact!

Kate Spade
Crisp colours, graphic prints and playful sophistication are the hallmarks of Kate Spade. The company is build around a colourful lifestyle, which is clear when you scroll through the endless range of awesome dotted passport holders and pretty pastel notebooks for reminders, to-dos and everything in between.

We simply love From the minute we laid eyes on their webshop we can’t get over the super girly, but ever so tough, desk accessories. From Berlin to Bali, Ban.Do’s product line is available in coffee hangouts and boutiques all over the world. These LA-based girls are fascinated by bright colours, how can’t they be with a HQ looking like this?

Krogh Studio
High-quality paper, minimal colour block design, hand pressed embossed typography and a Danish cool vibe. Krogh Studio breaths Scandinavian coolness. Geometrics, aesthetic lines, clean patterns and distinctly different textures are some of the things that are strongly represented in this stationery style.

Design classics for a super affordable price. Mixing recycled notebooks with Japanese designer pieces has never been this easy. Storage units? Pink highlighters? Stacking pots? Pencils sets? It’s all there. Muji for the win!

Sugar Paper LA
Gold letterpress printing is the focus point for these two ladies from LA. Known for simple and chic planners, calendars and cards with playful gold polka dots on the inside of each envelope. After all, it’s the details that matter when it comes to a personal gesture like sending a card.

Laptop case by Skinny Dip London / Back me up charging cord by Ban.Do / file folder set by / pencil set by Urban Outfitters / Pencil cup by Kate Spade / daily planner pastel by Julia Kostreva / the short list notepad by Kate Spade / cacti pencil bag by Skinny Dip London / 2015 calendar by Krogh Studio

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    Kate Spade supplies are so cute, I’ve also got a few travel mugs from her line.

    haha, loved the 1. and 4. from the photo :D fisrt time on your blog, word ‘friday’ attracted me ;) visiting you written in my Kanban tool this means I’ll be back!

    Yay, hope to see you again!

    Ik mag echt even geen notitieboekjes etc meer kopen haha, maar dit zijn wel fijne tips!

    Die cactus etui! *hearteyes*

    Whoa I didn’t even know the post on Refinery about the office! Sooo good. Office goals ;)
    So excited that we’re selling some of their stuff!

    ohh gonna save these websites!! Thank you :)


    Everything is so cute!

    Oooh I love Ban.Do! When I read the title of this post I instantly thought of these Ban.Do planners – so beautiful. I love the other stationery sources as well :)

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    Kate Spade always has the cute stuff!

    Wauw, wat een leuk dingen. De cactus etui staat op mijn verlanglijstje wat een leuk ding!

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