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How I found my perfect pair of vintage jeans

Being tiny, it’s not always easy to find a perfect fitting pair of jeans. Correct me if I’m wrong, but searching for a jeans that fits like a glove is one of the true fashion struggles in a women’s life.

Still, being a true denim addict, my unrelenting love for blue jeans never fades. I have had an obsession with vintage Levi’s since I can remember; cut-offs are one of my go-to travel pieces. When I read an interview with Mick Keus on his atelier where he customises Levi’s 501’s, I couldn’t help myself but paying him a visit and getting to know his work and that of his girl Bregje (as you may have seen).

In search for the ultimate fit
Mick’s denim workplace looks like what you would call denim heaven. The studio is filled with piles of vintage 501’s, from washed out black tapered ones to high-waisted mom jeans. I opted for a tapered (leg slimming!) black version and for a more relaxed fitted light blue one. After measuring, it takes Mick only five days to transform your handpicked jeans into an exactly tailor-made denim. He’s king in taking them apart and sewing them together exactly tailored to the customer.

Once altered, the fit and feel is super personal. After Pinteresting patched denims for months, the outcome of my one-of-a-kind jeans with patches – in three different colours – is just so cool. Both jeans are the exact perfect length, but still cuffable, they can be pulled high with a button down tucked on, or worn low, being super casual.

I’m thinking of combining it with a red satin bomber… or maybe pairing it with a new teddy vest… No doubt, I’ll be living in these jeans.


Let's talk


    Love the outfit, staat je top!

    […] I turned to the atelier of Mick Keus last year and we made some blue magic happen – read all about it here. Loving the patchwork and wearing something customized simply ever gets […]


    The blouse deserves also some credits, what a beauty :P. Where did you buy it ?

    Tailored jeans are a gift from above- seriously love the pair my mom adjusted for me. Probably not quite the same- but still amazing to have a pair that is just perfect!

    Ahh why can’t he be located in the United States?! Hopefully he ships! I’ve been having the hardest time finding my perfect vintage levis…my big ol budonk won’t always fit in them!

    Love this post!


    Hi Tonya, come visit Amsterdam! ;)

    Wat een toffe foto’s allemaal! Ik wil zelf nog graag de 721 high waisted jeans van Levi’s!

    Super leuke broek! Hij staat je ook heel mooi!


    Must visit him too!

    So cool right? :)


    loved those jeans!

    aarrgg i’m a total levi’s addict and i must go to this atelier… Great post!

    Yeah, Join the club!

    Souns like heaven! Really n eed to go there..

    They look so good on you! I really want a pair of Levi’s as well!


    seriously looks like i need a pair of my own levi’s jeans !! i have so many things but not these jeans…such a faux pas haha – these jeans are a real must, its legend

    I know the feeling. Ik heb maar 1 keer in mijn leven meegemaakt dat de lengte van mijn jeans perfect was.


    Yep.. short girl problems..

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