19 September 2015
Magazine of the Month: Gather Journal

Along with fashion, food is our great love, so we were pleased to stumble upon a fantastic magazine we didn’t knew existed yet. Yet, because ever since buying Gather Journal, we want to back order every single issue since its launch in May 2012. Creative director Michele Outland and copywriter Fiorella Valdesolo started with a small print run of 1,500 copies and made Gather big by aligning food and design in each issue, with a different theme every publication.

Here are three reasons why you should buy this magazine:

Endless world of colour
This seventh edition of Gather delves into the wide and wonderful world of colour. It’s divided into different themed chapters: greens, yellows and neutrals (with loads of mushrooms and chocolate). Did anybody say rainbow sprinkles?

Food first
Gather Journal is based on different recipes in various styles. It always starts with great ideas on new appetizers, main courses and it saves the best for last: dessert. The magazine looks awesomely styled, but it’s truly food first and about having fun with it.

A prop stylist’ dream
For every food stylist, still life photographer or creative in general, this magazine is an neverending source of inspiration in colour palette, mood and setting. At Gather regular prop stylist Theo Vamvounakis is responsible for most of the mouthwatering pictures. And he definitely does a great job.

Gather is published twice a year (in summer and winter) and is available all over the world.

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