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Lattes & Laptops: Hempstory

For all things hemp and fairtrade, Hempstory should be on your list to visit soon. As friendly as their owners are is as good as their coffee (and tea) gets – and we’re talking about super friendly service and awesome coffee here. This hotspot has been open since February and proves to be a hit amongst visitors. But is it also a good place to work? We found out.

Name: Hempstory

1. What’s the interior and atmosphere like?
Hemstory is the combination of a cosy shop and mini café in one. Every item in the store is eco-friendly and the owners seem to know a lot about the production process of their hemp products and delicacies. The hemp that’s used is imported from Normandy and the one answer to your question: you can’t get actually high of this stuff.

2. How is the coffee?
The coffee is great, but it’s inviting atmosphere that makes it even better tasting. Not a coffee lover? Try the one of a kind tea blend the owners made together with Tealab.

3. Could you actually work here?
Yes, If you need a home away from home to get some work done on your laptop, this is it. We need one of the reproductions of original botanical prints (on hemp paper of course) in our office asap.

4. Where do you find Hempstory?
Visit the store and grab a coffee at Oudezijds Achterburgwal 142, Amsterdam.

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