Interior inspoPassion 8 September 2015
In the office with Emilie, who transformed a garage into a stunning work space

What style to commit to when you’re decorating a shared office space? Where to shop for unique vintage treasures and what calming colour scheme to pick? Emilie Sobels found a spot for rent at one of the most characteristic canals in Amsterdam and signed the lease. She took this opportunity to redecorate the whole place and transform a grimy garage into a shared workspace that dreams are made of: #workmode.

What was your starting point when decorating this work place?
Emilie: “To make sure all of the women have enough space! And I wanted to create inspirational corners that change everyone’s mood and work mode. You can work from the couch or sit in a comfy butterfly chair, so you don’t have to be glued to your desk all day.”

What are the five office essentials every workspace should have?
Emilie: “Fast Wi-Fi, smashing coffee, happy office buddies, a comfortable chair and a sitting area to relax.”

How did your style for this space came about? Did you thrift shop in random towns?
Emilie: “I styled the whole place, which was a big project. I pinned and saved every inspiring image I could find in the first few weeks, trying to get everything together and get to a coherent style. It turned out pretty eclectic, with lots of green, pink and white – with my love for plants as a common thread. I was over the moon when I found a coffee machine that matched perfectly with our Kermit coloured green Smeg fridge.”

How would you describe the mix of styles at #workmode?
Emilie: “I’d say it’s a wild mix of Moroccan touches – I’ve always loved their use of fabrics and warm colours – along with industrial items and a design feel. Our desk chairs are very minimal and clean, but the sitting areas have cozy pillows and kelim prints.”

The easiest to maintain office plant?
Emilie: “A succulent. Fairly easy to maintain with little water and a lots of light.”

Do you have any Ebay or Marktplaats tactics in particular?
Emilie: “There are a lot of small web shops who promote their items on Marktplaats. Once you’ve found on of their items, there’s a ton more to browse through. I use it as a search engine to discover (second hand) boutiques all over the Netherlands. Especially in the East and North of Holland, everything is a lot cheaper. Rent a car and make it a little road trip adventure.”

Your best vintage find?

Emilie: “I’m smitten with our rattan two-seater, located under our handmade light box. I found it on Marktplaats, at a farm in a little town close to Groningen. The owner had it stalled in one of his barns, next to his goats. It now serves as one of our main meeting points.”

Does #workmode have partnerships with brands for its decoration?
Emilie: “We’ve partnered up with a few stores, such as online interior shops. The funky packaging of Lemon.aid can be found here as well. We feature them on our Instagram account and re-use the empty bottles for water. It looks cute and it gets noticed by all our clients and friends who stop by.”

Expensive design versus affordable vintage?
Emilie: “Preferably a good mix of the two! I love a good street find. Finding items in places you’d never thought were cool is so much fun. One of our big plants was dumped by the side of the road and is now happily living a second life in our space.”

What does your own desk looks like?
Emilie: “The clean desk policy isn’t really my thing, or so it seems… My notebook, keys, phone and headphones are always within arms reach. Plus the occasional scented candle, pencil pot, and my post-its, which make my life so much easier. It’s an organised mess, but I try to keep it easy on the eyes.”

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