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Pool inflatables and pink hair. My summer essentials in ELLEgirl!

There are a lot of exciting things te celebrate this summer and pool inflatables is most definitely one of them. Move over, inflatable crocodile – it’s snacks (pretzels and donuts) or other species (swans, flamingos) that really set the swim scene this summer.

Another highlight has to be the special summer edition of ELLEgirl. I don’t know what your first fashion magazine was, but ELLEgirl was the first I subscribed to. I devoured it and it kickstarted a lot for me in terms of style and fashion career perspectives. So to now have a spread in it, sharing my summer essentials with a new generation of fashion lovers is a huge honour.

I spent hours upon hours surfing for the coolest items – and did some sequin iPhone case shopping in the process. Putting together the perfect pastel inspired selection was far from stress free (ask Nicole and Kelly) but I’m super proud.

For those of you not able to get a copy of ELLEgirl in your (flamingo manicured) hands, these are my top 3 can’t-live-without summer items:

1. Statement denim
Ripped, embroided, paint splattered: the devil is in the details and with denim there is a lot going on. My top pick is embroidered denim, to wear with a simple white t-shirt and slinky suede heels. With a charming yesteryear feel, this is a great way to add a feminine touch to your summer ensemble.

2. Pool inflatables
I’m still waiting for the day they turn Emoji’s into pool inflatables but for now food and animals will do. In ELLEgirl and on my wishlist: a bright pink flamingo or a pretzel as you’ll fit in with two. Bonus points for anything that has cup holders.

3. Temporary pink hair dye
Nod to the pastel trend with some temporary pink locks. A pop of vibrant lipstick to match seals the deal! I’m planning on turning pink myself and I’m mustering up the courage while I type…

Tell me… What was the first fashion magazine you ever started reading, and what are three things on your summer wishlist?

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    I used to LOVE ELLEgirl! I’d hide in the toilets at work when I was meant to be in class, and read the beautiful pages instead! So cool that you’ve got your own feature. I wish my hair was light enough to go back to pink hair, but I don’t want to damage it again! x

    Haha Lyzi, that’s hilarous ;)

    My first magazine was Glamour hihi. Maar ik denk dat ik voor in de vliegtuig wel de nieuwe Elle magazine haal. Het is altijd leuk als ze ook is aandacht besteden aan meisjes die een hoofddoek dragen.


    Ja, Elle blijft ook fantastisch! En inderdaad, aandacht voor een bredere doelgroep is fijn! Xx

    Love Elle!

    Enclothed Cognition

    Ja, voor mij was het ook ELLEgirl! Zo leuk dat het blad weer (even) terug is :)

    En vergeet het forum niet! Ik herinner me je outfit posts nog in het what are you wearing today topic. Toch wel de plek waar een heleboel, nu inmiddels, grotere bloggers zaten.

    Ja! Het forum was waarschijnlijk nog groter dan het blad zelf! Ik koester een hoop warme herinneringen en foute outfit-foto’s met afgehakte hoofden…. Memories!

    statment denim: YES

    I think my first fashion magazine was Vogue from my Grandma’s story when I was 6!
    wasn’t doing much reading just flipping through the images!!

    Awww the inflatables remind me of the massive pool party we organised in Singapore on our roof terrace! I’ve never seen so many inflatables in one pool. Good times! I’m so with you on dyeing my hair pink, well at least a little. Let’s do it! x


    Denim is perfect for summer! It is such a great staple for any season. Embroidered denim sounds like fun!


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