Lattes and laptopsPassion 21 June 2015
Lattes & Laptops: Betty Blue

A hotspot a day keeps the boredom at bay! As you know, the CF-team is always on the hunt for the next hotspot where the coffee is black, the cakes are sweet and the vibe is buzzing. Betty Blue checks of all these points, but is it a good spot to get some work done too?

1. What’s the interior and atmosphere like?
If you paid close attention, you might have already seen a sneak preview of this coffee spot with über cool American diner interior on the blog – it was the backdrop for some sunny shade testing. The interior is very pretty and built by one of the very crafty owners himself. The leather couch with neon light, the counter, and the tables scream modern day Grease and you feel like Sandy while sipping your coffee.




3. Could you actually work here?
Yes, definitely. There is plenty of space, and it has a nice and casual atmosphere. It’s perfect for finishing up a project, or if you’re meeting someone.

4. Where do you find Betty Blue?
It is located near the Nieuwmarkt, at Snoekjessteeg 1, 1011 HA Amsterdam. It’s close to Amsterdam Central Station, so that’s a bonus for business meetings too.

Want to discover other hotspots in the city? Berry, Pluk, Cottoncake, Lot Sixty One or Kopjes are definitely worth the detour.


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