PersonalYara's outfits 12 May 2015
That special first day of bare legs

Everyone has been talking about it being the ‘first hot day’ this Monday. So like any normal person, I got totally carried away and wore bare legs for the first time this year. It was cold at times, but amazing.

On the topic of amazing; as soon as I spotted this dress I knew it would be a total wardrobe multitasker. Yes, that is how I justify almost all of my new items.

I suppose it works for day and night because it mixes structural (hence; the very boxy fit and longer sleeves) with sexy (short hem, cinched in waist). For the evening part of this style situation, I simply twisted my hair in a low bun – which I’m finally able to do as I am growing out my hair! – added a metallic grey clutch and dabbed on a bit of dark berry lipstick with my ring finger. Easy does it!

Asos dress (I don’t see it online but think this one and this one are great alternatives!) / Senso shoes

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