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Mini expo: Illustrator Cathelijne Biskop

Cathelijne Biskop (25) is an illustrator who could have easily been Andy Warhol’s best friend. Her creations have a recognizable pop-art vibe, yet with a glossy allure and an ever-present sense of humour. She also has a unique collab going on with our in-house photographer Emma Peijnenburg (have you seen her Mini Expo?). Let’s take a look at the work this creative mastermind is making and hear how her style emerged.


You may introduce yourself! What are you currently working on?
Cathelijne: “At the moment, I live in Breda, where I am working at a trend jewelry shop called Watch! The Timeshare. Besides that, I co-founded EMMAxCATE with my partner in crime Emma. I pick up cool illustration and styling jobs every now and then to extend our brand. The cherry on the pie is the web shop which I recently launched where I sell some of my work.”

Were you also a passionate drawer as a kid?
Cathelijne: “As far as I can remember I have always been really crazy about drawing, painting and colorful arts and crafts sessions. Apparently, my dad told me,  I loved watching cartoons.”

When you roll out of bed in the morning, what websites do you check first?
Cathelijne: “Pinterest, NU, NSMBL and of course CHAPTER FRIDAY.”

Is your characteristic bold style also visible in your wardrobe?
Cathelijne: “Well, actually… My wardrobe consist out of a lot of denim, black, white and grey! Of course, I add a dash of colour every now and then, but it’s mainly quite calm!”

Your most loved city in the world?
Cathelijne: “There are so many places that inspire me. If I’d really have to pick a few, I’d choose Paris and Venice. Both cities have this fairytale-like atmosphere where you can discover unraveling mysteries in every corner of the street.”


Do you have a big dream for the future? Like illustrating for Vogue or opening a gallery?
Cathelijne: “Illustrating for Vogue sounds amazing! My thoughts often drift away when I’m scrolling through Pinterest boards full of gorgeous French maisons with cute little balconies. I could picture myself living in a typical Parisian flat with high ceilings, big windows for amazing natural light. Add a little art gallery on the ground floor and my dream is complete.”

Name your favourite Instagram filter…
Cathelijne: “I don’t really like those. Although, the black and white ones, Inkwell and Willow, save the day.”

Is there an artist or filmmaker you look up to?
Cathelijne: “Do you have a minute? Louise Bourgeois, John Alcorn, Henri Matisse and Marlène Dumas. The key for appreciating art to me, is to really feel something when watching it. “

How would you describe your style in three words?
Cathelijne: “You could recognise my style from the contemporary, nonchalant and playful elements. It often includes a wink and funny details. Also, I tend to use contrasting colors and a lot of linings. Most of the times, I not sure
beforehand what I’ll be designing, I just let my pen do the talking.”


As inspired as we are by Cate’s Parisian dreams and pop-art design works? Follow her on Instagram for snaps of her adventures. In search of more breathtaking portfolios? Get inspired by the images of photographers Sanja, Karen and Kimberley.

Interview by Angela Donskaia

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