Lattes and laptopsPassion 26 April 2015
Latte and Laptops: Back to Black

Working from home is a great thing, but a much-needed coffee break once in while leads you to brand-new ideas and above all: new cool places. We recently told you about latte hotspots Berry and Two For Joy. Today we invite you and your laptop to Back to Black, founded by two Dutch power chicks. Their motto reads ‘without the love, it’s just coffee’. Cheers to that!

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Name: Back to Black

1. What’s the interior and atmosphere like?
When cycling by, the deep sky blue fence surrounding Black to Black’s tiny terrace immediately catches your attention. This signature coloured door takes you into a small coffee hub. It feels like entering a friend’s cosy living room filled with the smell of home-made brewed coffee. The wooden bar and interior details give a warm fuzzy feeling (or was it the latte we ordered?) Tropical plants are hanging from the ceiling and piles of fashion magazines lay around.

2. How is the coffee?
Sipping your cup of joe in the morning sun makes you feel relaxed in an instant. Next to the love, it’s refreshing to taste the different coffee beans (imported from Guatemala, Mexico and Brazil) which are used. Not in the mood for a cup of coffee? Try the banana cinnamon smoothie instead!

3. Could you actually get work done?
The table in the center of the bar is a great place to install yourself and your laptop for a productive working day. Huge white windows offer lots of daylight and fresh air in the summer. For some next level comfortable sitting: take a seat at one of the big lounge chairs.

4. So… where is it?
In the super artsy surroundings of the Spiegelgracht district at Weteringstraat 48 in Amsterdam.

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