DIY 21 March 2015
It’s spring! How to put together a great wildflower bouquet

“By the roses of the spring, by maidhood, honour, truth, and everything, I love thee so.” Shakespeare put so eloquently into words that flowers stand for spring, love and new beginnings. So how better celebrate the first day of spring than to assemble the perfect wildflower bouquet?

Let all the big, billowing flowers in parks and markets tempt you to bring an armful into your home. And why go for a ready-made bouquet (let’s be honest: they’re often a bit old fashioned) if you can assemble one yourself, from scratch?

At a flower workshop at Bloomon (to which you can subscribe for daily, weekly or monthly bouquets – fresh and modern ones; like they’ve just been picked from a flower field), we got to let our inner Martha Stewart run wild. As it turns out, there are a few super simple and practical flower arranging tips and tricks that anyone can apply.

Let’s find out how easy it really is to put together a wildflower bouquet!

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1) Start with taller stems as a base, in a neutral shade like soft pink. Make sure all of the little leafs have been cut from your flowers.

2) Add leafs to the bottom to create volume so the bouquet will stand up nicely in a vase. After you’ve got that base covered, start adding single flowers with character. Just use one of each kind!

3) Work with different heights for a more nonchalant feel that suits a wildflower arrangement. The most challenging thing is keeping a nonchalant vibe – like you’ve just randomly plucked all of this in a field – and at the same time keep harmony. You could add a few classic, almost old fashioned flowers like a pink rose for a fun and unexpected touch. Something that might seem outdated in a huge bouquet, becomes interesting when paired with modern and more exotic flowers.

4) Shades like lavender and yellow or green and pink really pop next to each other. This style of bouquet can be a bit wild and bold, so don’t shy away from complementary colours.

PS. Variation and is key here, so mix spring and summer flowers and pick some that will bloom sooner than others. Flowers that break or that stay pretty the longest can be cut shorter and spread out over little vases or jam jars. Or you could even let them dry out and tape them to your wall. Happy first day of spring!


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