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Magazine of the Month: Frankie
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Spring is in the air and it’s time to celebrate! Preferably by freeing up some time on a Sunday, with a newspaper, some coffee and a fresh stack of magazines. This month, the Magazine of the Month spotlight is on Frankie. Frankie isn’t just any other magazine, as its rather hefty price tag of nineteen euros suggest. This big fat special edition is filled to the brim with articles about craftiness, photography, art and fashion – and everything has that signature Frankie sense of humor.

Let’s see what three main reasons are to get your hands on this issue of Frankie (the next is already coming to stores!). As the mag itself promotes the content convincingly: “Frankie 63 boasts a super-sized 2015 wall planner and a nifty collection of artist-made postcards from each Australian state and territory. We’ve got expat creatives who call Tokyo home; some not-quite-edible hats; recipes for fancy, grown-up spiders (the kind with ice-cream on top) and a look at how swearing can help save the planet.”

Sold yet? These are three other reasons why Frankie probably should make its way to your coffee table.

1. Wonderful words
Your Pin boards might be packed with these same wise words – and as inspiring as Insta-quotes can be, overexposure could make them become a bit tiring. Frankie magazine seems to understand and put together a booklet with quotes by six well-spoken historical types, ranging from Mae West to George Bernard Shaw. Sold!

2. Bathing belles
Kirsten Martincic’s bathing suit series. Hers are cut and crafted out of delicate Japanese paper. Wearable? No. Great to inspect through a photo? Yes.

3. Lovely Paloma Lanna
An inspiring interview with young creative Paloma Lanna. This photographer has a passion for both photography and clothes. She strongly believes that traveling is an essential in life for picking up on new inspiration and developing good taste. We couldn’t agree more!

Shop Frankie magazine at selected bookstores or find out more about this Australian gem on the website here.

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