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Boost your resume with these affordable Etsy templates
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Let’s face it: applying for a job is kind of like being on Tinder. Superficial as it may sound, there is a quick and brutal ‘yes’ or ‘no’ swipe. In todays market – with too little jobs for too many talented people – that decision happens in a split second. Really – it takes you longer to look through those mutual Tinder friends: on average, your resume will be looked at for five to seven seconds. Ouch!

Somewhere in the piles of resumes there are letters with mistaken dates, listings of every irrelevant job or hobby or spelling mistakes. There are Word templates with plain layouts and hardly any details that are uplifting or that stand out.

So how do you catch attention and stand out – how to make a first impression that counts? It’s by dressing up your resume to make it visually appealing and personal, first and foremost. Make those first seconds count! How to boost your chances and create a well-designed resume if you have zero to little experience in InDesign or Photoshop? (Or no time?) You go to the online magic place: Etsy.

We had no idea, but there are tons of tasteful, cool shops that offer all set templates for resumes. Simply pick one that you love and fill in your own details. Costs: around ten euros. Impact: guaranteed.

PS. After you get your resume a pretty ‘outfit’, do make sure to raid it like crazy. At CHAPTER FRIDAY we’ve seen everything from mistaken names and dates, to listings of every irrelevant hobby and motivation letters that were either two sentences or two pages long. To get back to that Tinder analogy (a little full circle moment): obviously substance is more important than looks, but a unique first impression might just open a door to something new.

The resume’s we found above are from Odd Bits StudioThe Resume Boutique, Janna Lynn and LandedCo.
Let us know what your tips and tricks are to stand out from the rest in hopes of making it to an interview. We’d love to hear your strategies to stand out in this difficult market!

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    Resume templates make the whole process easier and you can concentrate on the content. I recommend

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    Great advice! It is so true that image and appearance means a lot even if it is on piece of paper!

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    They look great but for any job that is ouside the creative/designing world these will surely look a bit overdone.

    Really good idea.. These look really awesome!

    These are so cute! I don’t think I’ve ever considered these styles of CVs! I think being a creative person that’s the sort of thing I should have! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Love the look of these! Such a unique way to stand out x

    Ze zien er wel mooi uit, maar dit is wel een beetje afhankelijk naar wat voor baan je solliciteert: ik denk dat het voor veel banen too much is met alle tierelantijnen (“wat heb je te verbergen dat je dit allemaal nodig hebt?”). En als je voor een creatieve baan solliciteert, dan is het bijna jammer dat je ‘m niet zelf gemaakt hebt. Wel goed als inspiratie trouwens, het zijn wel overzichtelijke en duidelijke cv’s! :)

    Wat een gave CV’s! Tijdens mijn stage moest ik soms door honderden CV’s heen gaan en zoals je zelf ook al zegt.. Er wordt maar een paar seconden gekeken naar een CV!



    Even though I really like these templates, I do think you have to be careful with using them (the really screaming colorful once). I do think you have to keep in mind your field in which you are job hunting. But it’s definitely some nice inspiration to pimp my own resume :)!

    These are super cute. Really good idea and way to get yourself noticed.

    This is amazing! Pinning this – love your selections and they are so affordable!

    Warm Regards,

    These are wonderful! I can’t wait to change out my boring old résumé. Thanks for sharing this!

    Wauw, dit had ik nog helemaal niet bedacht!
    Ben zelf druk aan het solliciteren en krijg maar geen antwoord, misschien dat dit helpt :) Merci!

    Slim he! Ik had ook geen idee dat dit zo betaalbaar en leuk was, een mooie vondst. Succes!

    I did mine recently on Photoshop to make it look more exciting and reflect my style – so much better than plain black and white!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty –

    Geez, so pretty and stylish!

    I like the tinder analogy – so true! The job market is rough, especially in industries such as journalism!
    Will be checking these out for sure x

    It looks creative and arresting.

    I don’t know why I didn’t know this kind of thing existed but I am reaaally glad I do now hahaa these are beautiful! such a good idea.

    Meg, Optical Intake

    I love how those resumes look <3 Really catchy!

    These look really awesome!

    Wow, ziet er goed uit! Thanks voor de tips. Ik heb die momenteel nodig, aangezien ik na 6 maart geen werk meer heb.

    Wat heftig! Hoe ben je je daar nu op aan het voorbereiden?

    These are wonderful!!

    I love these. I have to get one of these for my resume!

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