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The big bestie post: me and Kim in our twin items!

Meet my non-sexual life partner: Kim. My partner in crime, partner in wine and partner in style. We first met at ELLE magazine when she, I and Nicole all started interning at the same time – as a writer (me), graphic designer (Kim – oh, and Toula was there too!) and stylist (Nicole). We were puppies and instantly bonded – especially when all of us got hired afterwards. It was the best of times.

Flash forward to five years later: Kim and I have been through countless adventures. We’ve talked each other through hilarious dates and sleepless nights, worked together (those sleepless nights again… Did you know Kim designed the CHAPTER FRIDAY website?), shared 1.044 photos on WhatsApp, ate about five self-cooked meals in five years (we’re better kissers than cooks!) and wore many, many similar outfits.

You know how besties often start to talk the same way and dress the same way, right? Because I’m sure you do – and honestly because this seemed like the most hilarious post EVER to make (it was!) – we decided to put on all of our twin items for you.

Never laughed this hard on a workday in my life.


1. How would you describe your styles?
Yara: “The core of what we love is very much the same – we both have a long lived obsession with leopard print, washed out black skinnies, bomber jackets, burgundy and all possible bags and shoes.

Kim: “Clean and French (though I’m not). Me and Yara both like a well-balanced outfit; cool and uncomplicated but with a touch of glitter or print – preferably leopard. I pick my outfits around the shoes I want to wear that day. My Gucci loafers are big favourites.

2. What’s your favourite look out of all of these?
Yara: “I wear the leopard print trousers with a grey sweatshirt once every week, no exceptions. So to have a doppelganger walking around in my house in the exact same look was hilarious. It’s like looking in the mirror, but different.”

Kim: “The one with our funky palm print pants. This look takes me right back to our incredible summer in Ibiza where we celebrated my birthday (21 again!) in these trousers. We went all the way by pairing these pants with a palm print bikini top – another twin item. Ultimately, we are each others’ best accessory; every blonde needs a brownie by her side!”

yara & kim by liselotte fleur

3. How would you describe each other’s style?
Yara: “What I love about Kim’s style is that it’s so effortlessly cool. I always find something unexpected in her outfits, like glittery socks or a top with extra long sleeves. You can tell she’s not about big labels or wearing a perfectly matched look. She really has fun in getting dressed.”

Kim: “She’s always cool as fuck! Our styles are very much aligned but Yara really shines in the edgier items. Leather jackets, skinny jeans and rock ‘n roll T-shirts; badass and babe at the same time.

yara & kim by liselotte fleur

4. What do you love seeing her in?
Yara: “It takes her about five seconds to pick up a tan. Something I totally envy because my skin turns beige at best. I’m living a tanned life vicariously through her. Kim shines in anything spring-summery, like a short jumpsuit with a big knit.”

Kim: “A look that she rocks like no other is shorts, a cropped top, Balenciaga boots and a leather jacket. Mothers, lock your sons!”

5. What’s one thing you would steal from her closet?
Yara: “The 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli messenger bag. Like I said, we’re crazy bag ladies.”

Kim: “Her Chanel 2.55 flap bag. And the story that comes with that: you’re strolling through Paris, walk by the first ever Chanel boutique and think ‘Let’s grab life by the balls’. That’s the way it should be, I’m excited already.”

yara & kim by liselotte fleur

6. Do you always discuss outfits and new buys?
Yara: “A quick outfit check is part of the fun of getting ready. Another thing Kim and I do is call each other to justify a new purchase. When I treated myself to a Céline Trio bag in under five minutes, the first thing I did was call Kim to calm me down and tell me ‘it was OK because I work in fashion’.”

Kim: “Showing up at parties or festivals in the same outfit doesn’t benefit our man hunt, so we try to steer away from that. But regardless if we’re going to be together or not; our number of shared media on WhatsApp is currently on 1044 and a large part of those are outfit related. Also, if you see something that would be perfect for the other person, you always get it. Best rule ever.”

7. What looks good on her but doesn’t work on you?
Yara: “Kim is very petite and I have boobs and a booty. That means that wider tops or dresses make me look a bit square. On her slim frame they drape and fall perfectly.”

Kim: “Yara looks effortlessly chic in a big fluffy winter coat, I look like a midget grizzly bear.”

yara & kim by liselotte fleur

8. Did you actually buy all this stuff together?
Yara: “Just the Beyoncé sweater, oddly enough. The amount of times we’ve practiced the Single Ladies routine is just embarrassing, so we had to solidify our passion for Beyoncé in a piece of clothing. The first thing we yelled when we entered the concert building was: “Where is the merch?!”

Kim: “Yes, our Bey sweater is the most awesome piece in this series by far. When we visited the Beyoncé concert for the second time in one year (both wearing sequin underpants), we couldn’t help but cave.”

Photos by Liselotte Fleur

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    I loved this post! You two are so cute ❤❤❤

    Really love this post you girls look so good and fabulous together. I know every blonde needs a brownie!

    So sweet of you, Lauren. Thank you!

    Geweldige foto’s en super toffe outfits! :)


    Wat een ontzettend leuke post! De vriendschap tussen jullie spat er vanaf :)

    Super leuke post! En top outfits uiteraard

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    love this post.

    Zo’n leuke post! Echt leuk zijn jullie zo samen haha!

    Hele leuke foto’s! :)


    I truly enjoyed reading this and watching the pictures of you two gorgeous girls!
    I also fell for that green lace jumpsuit Kim is wearing…I can’t wait to wear it in the summer.

    We truly enjoyed making it, and it’s a pleasure to hear you love reading it as well! x

    You two are adorable. I love to see girls bond over anything girly. Makes me miss my best friend. We definitely have similar items. Looks like an amazing day at work.

    Aw, thank you! It really was the best day :) x

    Awwh, wat super leuk!!


    Love this post, the matching outfits are great!

    Great pictures. You two make the cutest bestie twins ever!

    Aw, that’s so nice to hear! Thank you :)


    Waar oh waar komt die leopard rok vandaan? Fantástisch!

    You two girls look awesome together!

    This is such a cute idea!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    Hahaha, superleuk en grappig om te zien… en jullie zijn beide even mooi. Jullie hebben gewoon een goede smaak ;)

    This must be my absolute favourite post on here! So lovely seeing you guys share all your crazies and love with us. Kim looks beautiful!

    Aw, that’s nice to hear! Thanks!


    Wat een vrolijk artikel!! De lol die jullie hebben gehad met het maken straalt er vanaf! En herkenbaar is het ook :)

    Leuk om te horen, Roos! We hebben zeker ontzettend veel lol gehad bij het maken ervan ;)

    I love you styles! &what you wore to see Bey – amazing! Loved this piece so much – nothing like friendship xoox

    Warm Regards,

    OMG I just melted all over my laptop cuz you two are too adorable <3

    PS where are those Flawless/Surfboard Sweaters from?

    lots of love,

    Ik vind dit bovenal heel erg lief gewoon dat je zo iemand hebt gevonden <3. Heel erg blij word ik van deze post :D.

    Ahhh, wat een lieve comment ook :) Dankjewel! Have a happy day!

    Haha LOVE this article!

    gosh i loved this article it’s so much fun, and i adore all the twin looks ! soooo cute
    xx ish

    Ahhh dit is echt een geweldig leuk artikel! Ik word er helemaal blij van! :) Jullie hebben beide een hele toffe stijl (duh..), cool om te zien.

    Nu ik er over nadenk: mijn vriendinnen en ik hebben totaal niet dezelfde stijl, dus zo’n artikel zou me nooit lukken haha.


    Misschien leuk om dan een artikel te doen over jullie verschillende stijlen? x

    You both look so cute! Love every single outfit!

    Hele leuke post. Ik vind het ook heel grappig om te zien hoe jullie eigen stijl (ondanks alle gelijke kledingstukken) toch naar voren komt. Gaaf!

    Jules x

    Grappig is dat heè, dat je toch de verschillen ziet!

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    I think this is probably one of my favourite posts ever..I’d love to read more like these..;)

    Wauw, that is such a compliment! Thanks, Jessica! x

    Wat een geweeeeldige foto’s zeg! Superleuk om te zien! :D

    Haha great post! Such a lovely idea, and it looks like the two of you were having so much fun making this. You can really treasure having a best friend like that :-)

    We really did! I laughed so hard I could hardly stay focussed ;) Besties are the best!

    Ahhh dit is sowieso een van mijn favoriete posts op CF! Zo leuk en lief om te zien :)


    Wat leuk om te horen Ellen, dankjewel! :)


    I think this is my favourite post ever. I can absolutely relate. I love it and you both look beautiful !
    Who run the world ? GIRLS.

    This really makes me smile. I’m sure it’s something so many girls with close-knit friendships can relate to. It’s one of my favorite topics and I love giving you a bit more insight in the people I share my life with :)

    You two look adorable together!
    Love the matchy matchy looks!

    This is such a lovely post.
    It must be really cool to meet your bestie sort of unexpected and all :)
    Really impressed with how many clothes you have ‘in common’!

    xx Cheyenne

    We were quite impressed as well ;)

    An amazing and fun article!

    Super leuk om te zien! Jullie hebben gewoon precies dezelfde smaak, zo grappig!

    I love how you both can have similar items and style, yet exude different vibes when wearing them!

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

    It is a really cute post. It makes me miss my best friend. Love both your styles.

    Girl Against Oleka

    Amazing how many actually the same pieces you have, funny post indeed!


    Super leuk artikel!

    Wat een geweldige post! Ik had een dergelijk idee om met mijn zusje samen te doen, beide ontelbaar dezelfde items in de garderobe zonder samen gekocht te hebben.
    En die palmbomen-print, geweldig!!!

    Liefs Magna

    Wat leuk, doen, doen doen!

    Lovely ladies, love the post :)


    To put it in one word: AWESOME!!


    Grappig om te zien hoe jullie steeds dezelfde outfits dragen!

    Dit is echt fantastisch Yara! X

    Dankjewel, Femke! x

    Super cute post!
    XOX, Gap.

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