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Yara’s best fashion buys of the last year

Throughout the year I’m constantly trying to document what I wear because even after more than six years of blogging, it’s still something you always request. Obviously I don’t have a personal photographer by my side 24/7. So there are some pieces you might have seen over and over again (hello striped T-shirts and black skinnies), where others never made it onto CHAPTER FRIDAY. Like the wool Isabel Marant jumper that’s on the right of this clothing rack and that I’m in during at least two out of seven days.

Because I’m a sucker for recaps and like to talk about what actually happens to the items after you’ve seen them on here once, I’m walking you through my best buys of last year. Let’s see, from left to right.

A green bomber jacket
A bomber jacket is another modern classic if you ask me. This particular army green one by Filippa K. was on my wish list for months (it was one of the first things I wrote about on CHAPTER FRIDAY, actually). I finally made it mine during last summer’s sales and know this will be something I’ll get great wear out of for years.
How did I wear it? Like this!

A pair of suede strapless sandals
Elegant, feminine and as comfortable as you can get in terms of heels. Those were the criteria in my month-long quest for the ideal black strappy sandals. The answer was found close to home. These timeless beauties by L’enfant Terrible, a handmade heels brand based in Amsterdam, have accompanied me on many big nights with the Bloglovin’ Awards as a highlight.
How did I wear it? Like this!

A Céline Trio bag
Hands down, this is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Over the years I’ve collected quite a few designer bags and the quality and usability varied quite a bit. Out of all of my black bags this is the one I constantly gravitate towards because it hols a surprising amount of stuff in those three compartments, it’s light weight and works for both day and night time. I was hesitant about getting the trio because you should see the damage on the Céline bags in our department store with scratches and marks all over them… A total bag crime!
How did I wear it? Like this!

A pair of leopard trousers
By now it’s safe to say that leopard print has reached the same star status as stripes and florals: it’s not going anywhere. Keeping this pattern classy is merely a matter of how you style it. I’ll wear these Zara pants with my Adidas Superstars and a sweater on days that I want to look good but mainly feel good. Yes, this piece really is a picker-upper!
How did I wear it? Like this!

A pair of Adidas Superstars
I love Stan Smith just as much as any street style star – there is a pair on its way right now, actually! But I felt that the Superstars were a bit less hyped. I like the fact that these are classics and was surprised by how easy they work with everything, from boyfriend jeans to dresses.
How did I wear it? Like this!

A pair of wide legged trousers
Nothing says power dressing quite like a pair of perfectly fitted black trousers. This pair, from H&M’s more exclusive studio collection, combines girl power with glamour. Perhaps it has something to do with the illusion of endless legs or with the fact that trousers are a less expected way of dressing up: what I know is that they instantly boost my mood and confidence.
How did I wear it? Like this!

A mustard yellow two-piece
I’ll fall for anything that takes me a minute to put on and still makes a statement. I guess that’s why I love a good jumpsuit and the same goes for a two-piece coordinate, which gives a uniform look with two stylish separates. I’ve worn these two pieces by ASOS together and often paired this cropped knit with high wasted trousers or a body hugging skirt. Although a lot of people have their reservations about yellow, I’m surprised by how versatile this mustard shade is.
How did I wear it? Like this!

A black wool jumper
In my opinion, a perfect black jumper is one of those things worth investing in. Because most of my sweaters and jumpers are oversized I went looking for something a bit less roomy. Then, one day, I bumped in to this Étoile Isabel Marant knit with extra long sleeves and I’ve been having trouble taking it off ever since. This one was around two-hundred euros, which clearly isn’t cheap but it means I’ll never have to buy a black jumper again for years because this one exceeded all my expectations in terms of quality.

What stands out to me is that I was a hundred percent sure about these buys right from the start. Proving to me once again that when I’m in doubt, I probably shouldn’t get something. Do you agree with this philosophy of ‘when in doubt, don’t do it’ or did an unexpected purchase ever become a favourite?

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