PeopleWhat the team wears 17 January 2015
What the CHAPTER FRIDAY team wears

wtttw-yara3Yara is wearing: ASOS trousers/ Anecdote sweater / Adidas Superstar sneakers / Céline bag / COS coat

wtttw-marijn1wtttw-marijn2Marijn is wearing: Zara trousers / H&M top / Topshop ankle boots

wtttw-liselotte1 wtttw-liselotte2Liselotte is wearing: Mango trousers / Zara blouse / Sascha shoes / Furla bag

We’ve mentioned it before, January is a crazy month. On the one hand it seems to last forever, on the other hand, weeks fly by without ever getting a grip on time and to-dos. Getting dressed in an impeccable outfit in the morning feels like climbing the Mount Everest at the moment. In heels.

In What the Team Wears we present you with what we actually wear during the week. So this time you’ll see us in a lot of grey, black and blue with comfort as the priority of the week. Cheers to sneakers, sweaters and silk boyfriend shirts!

Do you feel like dressing up at the moment to beat the winter blues or is it pretty much the last thing on your mind?

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(Images by Liselotte Fleur)

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