Lattes and laptopsPassion 11 January 2015
Latte and laptops: CT Coffee & coconuts

Switching up your workspace is a great way to spark creativity and prevent a slur. Oh, and to sip as many hazelnut lattes as you please without so  much as having to get up from your chair. All the more reason to bring you this brand new category on CHAPTER FRIDAY in which we test the very finest coffee shops to work from all over Amsterdam.

This guide is a working girls’ guide to getting to know the city better.
One frappuccino and Wi-Fi code at a time.

Name: CT Coffee & Coconuts
First up is CT Coffee & Coconuts. It’s quite a hip hangout right now, and for good reason. Upon entering the old cinema building (fun fact: it was built in the roaring twenties!) you instantly get transported to beachy destinations – or any other place where you can see coconuts hanging from palm trees.

1. What’s the interior and atmosphere like?
CT Coffee & Coconuts might be the hippest coffee spot in Amsterdam at the moment. No wonder, because some amazing interior choices were made; from the ropes holding up the tables to the bamboo ornaments in the toilets and the hammocks and big cushioned couches. The end result is a beautiful, inspiring place to work with great coffee and good food. Does the vibe remind you of something? That’s no coincidence: the owner was also the owner of Hutspot Café and lifestyle store Sukha pitched in on the design.

coffee and coconuts

2. How is the coffee?
No coffee, no workee, is what we live by. So when you decide to set up camp for at least half a day, the coffee better be good. We treated ourselves to a latte with an extra espresso shot and a small cappuccino. Plus points: adorable heart art, lovely full taste, thick foam. Minor detail: the latte wasn’t filled to the brim.

coffee and coconuts

3. How is the food?
Most of our lunches take form of a well-stuffed proper sandwich, a big salad or tasty soup. At CT Coffee & Coconuts there’s plenty to choose from, from cake to sandwiches, quiche, burgers – and most of the ingredients are organic. We ordered the Rock away taco and Daily quiche. Both the plates looked perfectly pretty and everything tasted great.

coffee and coconuts

4. Could you get work done here?
There were quite a lot of people working there with laptops and having meetings here (and they meant business, there were lots of papers involved). CT Coffee & Coconuts has Wi-Fi, enough light and a creative atmosphere, so in that respect it’s a nice working environment. However, you do need to be able to keep your cool and stay focussed as there is quite some distraction and moving around (small children included). But if you are looking for a place with a cool vibe to hang out and chitchat, look no further: this is it.

CT Coffee & Coconuts is located on Ceintuurbaan 282-284 in Amsterdam and is open between 7.00 – 22.00 on weekdays and from 8.00 on the weekend.

Pictures by Liselotte Fleur

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