26 November 2014
Beds to dream away in

With every degree that the temperature is dropping here in Amsterdam, the temptation to throw out the alarm clock and stay in bed all morning is getting bigger and bigger. We are certainly all for making the most out of our nightly hours and how better to do this than in a soft and comfy bed, standing in a wonderful bedroom?

Here’s some inspiration that wants to make you want to shop for bed linnen and pillows right this instant. We already see ourselves lying in those gorgeous white beds, hiding under a big, fluffy blanket. Guess what we’ll be doing this weekend? ; )

Which of these dreamy bedrooms is your favorite? 

(Images via Pinterest)

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    Hi, I loooove the cosy 4th bedroom!

    It is very cute, isn’t it? x

    Picture this… a bow window just big enough to fit a twin bed inside it’s shape. The bow had 5 windows which opened up onto a Vermont meadow. And, if you looked across the meadow, you saw a beautiful sparkling lake. Spring and summer. Fall was the best for watching the maple trees turn bright red. Mind you though, winter time was a not alot of fun as those windows leaked alot of air and because insulation was pretty much unheard of back in the early 70s. Double paned argon windows….nope. Just cold winter air blasting thru. But, I slept the best in that bed than I have any where else. Was it the pristine outdoors surrounding me…? I don’t know but, I’d give anything to sleep there one more time. I really like your #7.

    Wauw, what a beautiful short story to read on a cold, winter morning. Did you live there for a while? Wish I could share the experience once in my life :) Thank you so much for sharing, Phyllis! x

    Love the fifth one!


    It is pretty dreamy, no? x


    Writer of http://emotionalseas.com

    Oh please, magic lamp, take me to number four down … There’s nothing cozier than cuddling up and dreaming with the hubs … :)

    Hahaha. We couldn’t agree more with you, Jessica! Now only if that magic lamp would work its wonders..

    loving it!


    Fijne inspiratie :)

    Prachtig al deze bedden. Ik hou van rustige slaapkamers ZONDER televisie ;-)
    Mijn eigen slaapkamer heeft één groot bed, is heel wit en sereen.

    Thanks, Nesrin! Een simpele, witte slaapkamer is inderdaad het allerfijnste. Dan kom je echt tot rust. Benieuwd hoe jouw kamer eruit ziet!

    The third one looks so cozy!



    Lovely rooms! I would love to lounge all day long in one of these beds hahaha x http://www.justsavxnnah.com

    That would be heaven ;) x

    Woah, die met dat ronde raam… geweldig. <3

    Aaah wat een prachtige inspiratie!

    Dankjewel Marloes! Goed om te horen dat je ervan hebt genoten :) x

    The window in the seventh picture is real dream. Soo incredible!

    Indeed! We want it in our dreamhouse, the round shape is lovely and it’s so pretty and light!

    Ooooh these beds look soooo dreamy! xx


    The third one is close to my dream bedroom!

    It’s the simplicity, isn’t it? x

    Het vierde bed ziet er mij echt zalig uit, zo knus!

    Love it!

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