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The most stylish ladies of Instagram

Almost every girl is familiar with the following problem: looking at a closet full of clothes in the morning and not having a clue what to wear. That’s where Instagram comes in handy: this medium is full of girls that seem to have a perfect outfit e-ve-ry single day. We have no clue how they do it, but it is great for emergency outfit inspiration.

We selected five girls whose style is truly impeccable and are definitely worth the follow:

Rima Rama
Very cool hair, a doll-like face and impeccable style: it is easy to fall in love with the Instagram-account of Rima Rama. This girl is too cool for school with her collection of tiny rings, bracelets and bangles, cute jumpsuits and rock-girl hats. She provides living proof that simple can be very stylish.

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Brooke Testoni

This Australian blonde beauty looks like a super cool movie star in all of her pictures. She makes simple looking outfits to look oh-so glamorous. It helps that she has a smoking hot body to show of all these simplistic yet classy looks. Oh, and she is probably the only woman in the world that can wear a culotte and not look ridiculous.

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Maja Wyh
This girl looks like she has just walked out of the pages of a very trendy fashion magazine. She is the queen of layering and makes looks that are truly little works of art. Seriously: how does she do it? We have decided that it is almost humanly impossible to look like this every day. Ugh.

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Charlie May
This is the queen of details, also known as Charlie May. Her pictures look like images shot by Irving Penn: very well orchestrated and with a focus on her womanly shapes and angles. Her outfits are very minimalistic, but never boring.

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Elena Perminova
The Seberian-born wife of newspaper baron Alexander Lebedev has all the money in the world and surely knows how to spend it. She models the most impeccable designer outfits on her account and gives her we-always-look-like-we-are-on-the-pages-of-a-magazine children clothes to match. She gives a whole new meaning to the term fashionable mom.

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