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My ultimate home office make-over: it’s happening!

Maybe it’s because I spend about 99% of my time awake browsing Pinterest, which kind of sets you up with false expectations, but I’ve been dreaming of a small inspiration room for years. A little personal slice of heaven that includes both a wardrobe and a work space. It’s not somewhere I’d want to get serious work done, as I still have my ‘real’ office for that. It would be a quiet, relaxing and inspiring place where I can sit down and get a bunch of different things done – from taking photos for CHAPTER FRIDAY to putting together my own outfits and finishing up on some bookkeeping. And I’d be doing all that surrounded by the art and fashion items that I love most! Ideal.

Although it’s been a dream for years, I haven’t had the time or the vision to give the place a big transformation. Until now. This week, I’m working together with one of the best one of the best interior shops in the country to restyle my home office! 

Yes! My work & wardrobe room… What am I going for?
After years of accumulating images and looking in to other peoples’ homes for interviews for ELLE and CHAPTER FRIDAY, I have a clear idea. I want it to be light, warm, welcoming and very clean and tidy but with defining personal touches. I’d say a hint of Scandinavia, some industrial influences (say, a locker style closet), and a few cozify-ers like a sheepskin rug. Getting reaalllly specific, my essentials are: 1) a clothing rack to hang my most beloved pieces, 2) a big closet as this will be my work-and-wardrobe-room, 3) a small desk to finish up on smaller work chores from home in a quiet place.

Last week I started browsing for specific inspiration. Let me show you what I found, and give you a peek in to my brain:

Let’s not pretend we don’t pick favorites; the truth of the matter is that we all have clothes we love more than others. (Sorry!). On my clothing rack, I like to stall out around 10 garments at a time, specified by a theme. The theme could be super random, like my most worn clothes, or it could be my fall classics, or everything light and neutral for spring. Rotating these pieces gives you a great view on what you have, as well as add a different color palette to play with in your room.


Of course my biggest wardrobe dreams go out to a beautiful walk in closet – heck, I could have an entire apartment dedicated to clothes if I’m really dreaming – with a chandelier on the ceiling, shelves where shoes stand next to each other waiting for me to pick them up, and big (preferably slimming, obviously) mirrors to closely examine carefully picked outfits. Snapping back to reality, a big enough closet that’s easy to keep organized will make me just as happy.

white locker

The CHAPTER FRIDAY headquarters are in a beautiful building in the centre of Amsterdam, and I prefer leaving work there. But – ha! – who am I kidding when I say I’d have a 9-5 job. For reference, I once wrote a post answering the question ‘so Yara, what do you do all day?‘. There’s always smaller projects I want to get done, like administration, e-mails or doing research for an article. I can’t wait to use this room as a clutter-free and somewhat quiet place to work without dirty dishes or a TV in sight.



After I get the essentials down, it is time to add a personal touch to my home office. Obviously this will take some time, but to start I’ll add a cozy and colorful rug, framed pictures and uplifting quotes and a string off lights, for example. These are the add-ons that will make a room really feel like ‘me’. It can take some time to accumulate the perfect mix, but it is totally worth the wait.


What do you think? Am I on the right track and is there something should I definitely add? Stay tuned for a LOT of live pics from my freshly decorated work & wardrobe room next week! 

(Images: CHAPTER FRIDAY Pinterest, Mydubio, Milk Decoration, Vosgesparis, VT Wonen)

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