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Why brainstorm meetings are the best

For most people Mondays consist of slow mornings, busy afternoons, lots of coffee and pure survival. At the CHAPTER FRIDAY HQ we are all too familiar with these feelings, but we try to make Monday as productive as possible. Like many other companies, we start the week with a big Monday Meeting, where the team gets together for a big brainstorm session. While we sip on coffee and flip through magazines and papers, we come up with new content for the website.

When some of us might come up with the best ideas when we’re in the shower, Monday is the day to share your brainchildren. At CHAPTER FRIDAY, it’s one of those moments during the week where everyone is coming up with creative ideas and we’re really working together as a team. Though you may not work in a team, brainstorm meetings are definitely worth a try – why not brainstorm with (blogger) friends or other creatives? Here’s a few reasons why brainstorm sessions will make the imagination flooow:

Room for thought
Creatives often have hundreds of ideas boiling up in their heads. During a busy workweek, there’s not always enough time to discuss all of these wonderful plans, so it’s necessary to pick a date and a place to chat for a bit. A brainstorm session is the perfect moment to let all of those thoughts out. Since there’s no judgement involved and every idea has equal worth, everyone at the table can share their ideas about a new brand collaboration, new subjects, content improvement, ways to improve the website/blog, etc. – without judgement, that is.

Take it outside
It’s always a good idea to take your brainstorm meetings outside the office – or at least away from your desks. Being at your desk all day clutters your mind and by moving into a different scene you’re more likely to be inspired. Take your laptops, notebooks and cups of coffee and sit down in a meeting or conference room. If you don’t have a meeting room to your availability, you could also go to a coffee place nearby -just make sure they have wifi (read here about work spots with wifi in Amsterdam).

It takes two
It’s always easier to build on existing ideas. By sharing your (content) ideas with others, you might be able to improve your initial ideas and make the absolute most out of them. Come up with several new plans, discuss the options and combine comparative ideas into one big, brilliant concept. You might even come up with ideas you probably didn’t even know you had.

Keep writing!
Make sure there’s someone who writes everything down – and by everything we mean e-very-thing. It’s useful if you want to have a look at it later and you can always reach back to it. Give one person the writing (or speed typing) task and make sure that the others have a task as well. For example, there should be a ‘leader’ too who oversees the conversation and makes sure that every task is covered. Others could bring the magazines, newspapers and coffee.

So tell us, how do you come up with new ideas? Do you ever brainstorm with your colleagues or your friends?

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    I like to do mindmapping if i’m brainstorming for my blog, it’s a good way of coming up with lots of different categories which can sprout new ideas. i also think writing everything down is key. even if it’s a ridiculous or far-out idea it might spark one that’s usable!

    I’m all alone brainstorming :)

    Excellent tips. Monday is definitely my survival day. I will keep this in mind for when I start up my business. xo

    I love brainstorms! I get so enthousiastic about all the beautiful new ideas that come up. Unfortunately, most students at university don’t really see the use of proper brainstorming, so it can be frustrating to use it for a schoolproject.

    But I love to brainstorm for my blog or the holidays with my boyfriend.

    During the week I always write down my ideas and on an lalzy sunday it’s time to make plans with the idea’s I had.

    Great advices…
    XOX, Gap.

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