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Six classic pieces to invest in this fall

Though we surely are fans of high street stores like H&M and Zara, there are a few pieces that are worth investing in. Classic pieces that you can wear year after year and that never seem to grow old. What we love about these items is that you can wear them both for work and play and they’re easy to dress up, any way you like. Make sure to invest in these items to rock the streets this season!

A biker jacket
If you’re investing in a biker jacket, you might want to pay attention to the details. Do you like quilted details? Is the zipper the right color? Opt for a jacket that is made of real leather. It might cost you, but you’ll be able to wear it for years. Prices will go from around 150 euro’s (at H&M Trend, Topshop and Mango for instance) to a few thousand euros, like this one from Acne. Other brands, such as All Saints, A.P.C. and Zoe Karssen are priced right in the middle. Artikel, Investment Pieces, Sweater, Collage
A sweater
A sweater makes for a great investment piece, because it can be worn at all times, even with shorts when the sun is out! Go for one that is both comfortable, easy-to-combine and very, very soft. We suggest going to COS or Acne. At the office we love combining classic pencil skirts with sweaters, to make your silhouette slightly less boxy. Two classics in one, so you can’t go wrong.Artikel, Investment Pieces, White Shirt 3
A white shirt
If there’s one timeless item that you should have in your closet, it has to be the button up. It’s your go-to piece for business meetings and days at the office, but can be worn loosely on your day off too (preferably without pants!). The shirt should be well-fitted, so it doesn’t make you look sloppy. The French brand Equipment are one of the best when it comes to blouses, so you might want to check out their collection.

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A pair of black suit pants
A pair of suit pants can never go wrong. It can be worn to work with a shirt, but it might just work as a casual look too – when paired with a simple tee or a sweater. It might take a while to find the right pair, just take your time. The pants should fit perfectly, with straight cigarette pipes and an ankle cut.

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A special pair of pants
Besides having a classic pair of black pants, a special pair is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. What would you think of a pair of sequins? Or a pair of flared pants? It gives just that little (okay, big) oomph to your outfit that you sometimes need and can be combined with lots of items too. Go bold and dress it up, or let your trousers do the talking.

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A good flat shoe
Though we love Sex and the City, their Jimmy Choo lifestyle obviously isn’t real life. Running around Manhattan 24/7in sky high heels sounds like torment to us… So it might be useful to invest in a good flat shoe – whether it’s a pair of leather loafers or a Balenciaga boot. Plus, even with flats you can step into a meeting with a bang and you can go out for after work drinks without pain. Win, win!

Did you ever invest a lot of money in a classic, timeless piece of clothing?

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