PersonalPersonal stories 2 September 2014
New hair, New York

It seems to become a tradition to show you my new hair in a selfie, and to ask for your advice on Instagram. (Aaah, those simple days when a haircut didn’t involve social media!). Over a hundred of you commented on what I should do with my hair future – going back to messy beach hair or keeping the long bob – and although I didn’t turn the result in to a pie chart, I’m pretty sure opinions were divided by half.

Me and my hairdresser Charlotte are actually working towards a new look (something just below the shoulder with side swept bangs), but I couldn’t resist chopping it all off once more. To me, there’s just something so sophisticated and feminine about showing your neck and shoulders. I’ve started wearing it to the side every now and then, and in this photo used a slightly bigger curling iron than usual. And that’s as much as I can tell about my new hair!

I’m preparing for New York now and can’t wait to experiment with my new do at Fashion Week. I’ll obviously keep you all up to speed with my adventures on CHAPTER FRIDAY and Instagram, and of course I’ll be writing about the Bloglovin’ Awards. See you in NYC!

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