People 3 September 2014
Lovely lace bralettes to keep summer going

If there’s such thing as ‘underdressing’ we would like to address you to a new form. As much as we adore pretty dresses and slightly oversized cami tops, we like our lingerie just as much. And when talking about favorites, we love ourselves a delicate bralette – if you know what we’re talking about. This timeless piece of underwear is perfect to create a peek a boo(b) effect and makes you look stunning – even if there’s only a tiny part of lace showing.

With the changing season (autumn, are you there yet?) we’re focussing more and more on large knits and woolmixed coats. But to keep summer going underneath all of this, we selected a few powdery colored, delicate and top of the bill bra’s for every budget. With little to no strings attached, these sheer showstoppers won’t keep you warm, but they sure as hell will keep the fire going! ;)

Are you more of a classic black lace kinda girl (we feel ya)? Yara wrote about the perfect black lace bra’s earlier here.

From left to right and top to bottom:
Mimi Holliday by Damaris – € 67.00
2. Stella McCartney Vioa Dozing bra – € 66.55
3. Monki Stay bra – € 15.00
4. Stella McCartney Alina Playing bra – € 84.70
5. H&M – € 15.00
6. Stella McCartney Julia Stargazing bra – € 70.00
7. Love Stories Miss Daisy bra – 40.00
8. H&M – € 15.00
9. Calvin Klein Infinite – € 54.45

What color shade is your favorite?

(Text by Kelly Nederlof / images by different brands)

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