Interior inspo 13 September 2014
Ingredients you’ll need to create the ultimate cozy corner

Every home – whether it’s a small apartment or a room – needs a cozy little corner. When you come home after a long day at work, it’s the perfect place to sit back, flip through some magazines and hang out – read about it in our Chill at Home section. To create such a corner, you’ll need some basics to start with. Simply add the ingredients below and soon you’ll be hanging out in your own comfort(able) zone. 

The main ingredients for creating the ultimate cozy corner:

1. A comfortable chair
Preferably a rocking chair with a pouf or a chaise longue. It has to have big armrests where you can rest your legs on and also important: the chair is easy-to-lounge-on.

2. A sea of fluffy pillows
Not one or two, but at least twelve pillows (this is just a random number, but you get the picture). For the looks of your cozy corner, try to mix materials and different prints. Add a few really soft and big pillows to lay your head on in case of dozing off.

3. The perfect blanket
If there’s anything that will make your corner comfortable, it’s a blanket. Make sure it’s long and wide enough to keep you safe and sound. H&M Home, IKEA and ZARA Home have very affordable ones.

4. Books and magazines
Brand new ones or oldies, it’s a must to have some reading material at your fingertips.

5. Your favorite drinks and snacks
If you’re a big fan of ice tea green, pour in a large glass with some ice cubes. More the hot chocolate type of girl? Prepare your afternoon chilling session by buying some marsh mellows and whipped cream to top off your favorite beverage. When in the supermarket, pick up some comfort food – you can already look forward to the moment of eating everything yourself (sharing is caring does not count when relaxing).

6. A fireplace
If you really want to chill out to the max, a fireplace is one of the true requirements. It creates the perfect lazy atmosphere with it’s flickering flames, orange light and sounds of crackling wood. Try gazing at the flames for a minute and you’ll feel yourself getting heavy-headed already.

7. Scented candles
Because well… not everyone has a fireplace. Buy your favorite scented candles, light them and the unwinding can begin!

Do you have a cozy little corner in your home? What are your essentials when relaxing on your own?

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