Interior inspo 20 September 2014
Easy DIY’s for your home office

Moodboard to inspire you A moodboard is where you get your daily dose of inspiration from. So gather all the magazine clippings, inspiring images and business cards that have been lying around your house and hang them on a board with bulldog clips or washi tape to create a special setting. Put your inspiration board above your desk or table (even your toilet!), so you get motivated and inspired throughout the entire day.

(Concept via Nimi Design / Image via Theblackworkshop.tumblr)

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Jars to store your office gear
Simple items that probably have been stored somewhere in your house for years can be easily turned into super handy office supplies. For instance, those old fashioned jam jars you’ve been keeping somewhere in your closet can quickly be turned into storage jars. Put all your important office gear in the jars – we’re talking pens, paper clips, washitapes – and stylishly put them on your desk.

(Concept and image via Scandinavian Deko)

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Wooden boxes on your wall to put away inspiring books
We love the idea of hanging boxes on your wall for storage – it’s like you’re making your own little closet. Use wooden boxes in different shapes and sizes to create a nonchalant effect. Once the boxes are hanging on your wall, you can display books with lovely covers, piles of magazines and maybe even some fresh flowers.

(Image via Muuto)

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Wire racks to file all your mail, newspapers and magazines
Wire racks can easily be put on your wall, which makes it the perfect place to store your mail. Hang two different racks on the wall, so you can separate read mail from unread mail. You can also put newspapers, magazines and others papers in the racks – no more piles of papers covering your desk.

(Image via Kakform)

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Secret storage in your notebook
This is probably one of the cutest DIY’s we’ve ever seen. A notebook or diary can quickly be turned into a multitask device to make notes, keep track of appointments, but also to organize papers and hold on to business cards (that otherwise get lost 99% of time). Put a small, cute envelop inside a notebook and keep all your papers and cards in one place.

(Concept via Martha Stewart / Image via Silversaga)

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