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Career Stories: Anna Nooshin



Anna Nooshin (27): one of the leading ladies in European online business. A few years back, she contacted brand new publisher Wayne Parker Kent and together they came up with what is now the biggest lifestyle platform for women in The Netherlands: Being a tomboy at heart, Anna curates all of NSMBL’s publications and introduced her very own man calendar, school agenda, second hand blogger wardrobe sale, successful Guy Talk on their YouTube channel – and as icing on the cake an NSMBL festival is coming this Fall. Anna is happy being her own boss and tells us: ‘I’ve always felt I wanted to be an entrepreneur. From the age of five, I have been told that I’m quite the bossy type, haha.’

Luckily this busy bee could squeeze a Career one-on-one interview with CHAPTER FRIDAY into her packed agenda. We met Anna (and her hair) at the NSMBL office at the monumental Herengracht in Amsterdam, just around the corner of the CHAPTER FRIDAY headquarters, for your information.

Anna: ‘After I graduated cum laude at the university of Amsterdam, studying Communication Sciences, I interned at fashion designer Yigal Azrouël in New York. That city changed me a lot. All of a sudden I came in contact with fashion events, big labels and shows. I remember thinking… ’I can get used to this lifestyle’. Still, it was just a dream. But I strongly believe in visualizing your goals.’

Anna: ‘After my study I travelled across the world. When I came back home, I send out lots of applications, but every time I had an interview I was told I was too ambitious for the job, ha! I simply had too many ideas. Someone told me to open my eyes and start my own business. At first I felt kind of confused, but I understood the message and knew I had to do what I loved.’

Anna: ‘I had known the guys who are now my business partners for a long time. Right when I decided to start something up, they had just started as online publishers. They were searching for a womens’ title and I had the plans, so we sat down, talked and after two weeks – I was 24 at the time – a concept, a website and name were born. Within two weeks NSMBL was live. It went super fast!’

Anna: ‘In the first months, I had to work two jobs: one from 9 to 5 to pay my rent and NSMBL from 7 at night to 2 in the morning. After a while I could hire someone, a huge step and relief – the bags under my eyes had become enormous.’

Anna: ‘NSMBL grew and we realized we’d found a great niche. We were the first website in The Netherlands that put together an ensemble – or collection – all the puzzle pieces of a woman’s life.’

Anna: ‘I know what my audience wants to read, I’m the woman in the team, the guys are really technical, they do sales and design. I’m busy with brand extensions, mainly I’m busy working on the future of the site, come up with concepts for new products and I’m the face of NSMBL in media. Leading my own team of 6 great girls is awesome. I want to make them happy so that they come to work with a smile on their faces.’

Anna: ‘That it’s ongoing. It never stops. Keeping work and private stuff separated is hard, but I’m learning! But honestly, when I come home there will be 300 emails that need to be answered. And altough I want to rest, I have to reply them all. Because tomorrow, there will be 600 of them.’

Anna: ‘First of all: don’t push yourself too hard. If you’re not an entrepreneur by heart, it’s just as good to be an employee for a great business. Because when you’re running your own business with success, keep in mind that you won’t have babies for the next ten years. There is no time for a white picket fence dream.

Second of all: success depends on how much time and effort you put in.

Third of all: On blogging: don’t walk the paved road so many others did before you, because the market is getting saturated very fast. For example; when you travel through The States, you come across so many interesting products that we don’t have in our country yet – there’s so much worth writing about.

And lastly: Above all and no matter what you are doing: believe in yourself!’

Follow Anna on her journey across the world and the business jungle on Instagram or visit NSMBL to read articles on the daily puzzle called life.

(interview by Kelly Nederlof and photography by Karen van Duijvenbode)

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    What an inspiring interview!

    I really liked her advice on not pushing yourself. Though I couldn’t agree on not having time for babies and white picket fences… There’s lot of mothers out there starting their own business to actually have time and support their family. Actually, many people in todays society is starting a business just for this simple reason to have more time doing other than “work”.
    Of course, it all depends on what business you start. Time is whatever you invest in, you can have the cake and eat it too and not feel guilty about it.
    In my opinion, if you can’t have the things you want, you’re at the wrong restaurant ;)

    Loved to read this. Amazing interview!

    Anna is definitely an inspiration to all us working girls! And she’s ridiculously gorgeous to boot – that hair and those eyes! Stunning. x

    Love her, she’s inspiring!


    Leuk interview en mooie foto’s! Van welk merk zijn de broek en het shirt van Anna?

    It looks really nice and the photos are too perfect, love it :)

    Your hair is gorgeous and room is perfect!

    Wat heerlijk om het verhaal erachter te lezen. En wat een heerlijk artikel, het wakkert meteen mijn ambitie aan!

    Ugh, wat is Anna toch jaloersmakend mooi! Heel inspirerend artikel dit ook, thanks for sharing :)


    those pictures are amazing! Anna is such a beauty. Thanks for the inspiring interview!
    Katharina //

    Ontzettend inspirerend om te lezen.


    Such an inspiration. Although it kinda makes me feel like a slacker…

    This is a great article. You know I really think we can all do what we want in life. I was from a small town and went to fashion school in Chicago. I had so many opportunities and met so many people and I think I could have done big things if I had stayed. I instead met someone, got married and all of that.
    I will always have that what if in my head and it kills me daily.

    Mooi artikel!

    Oh wow! She is so lovely and very inspiring! Great interview. xo

    Love reading about inspiral people

    Love this, she’s really inspiring.

    Love her! Such an inspiring woman to me. Hope to intern at NSMBL next year! X

    I really love this article! Big fan of this inspiring girl boss.

    Wauw! Love it!

    Inspirerende vrouw. En de foto’s bij het artikel zijn prachtig!

    Prachtige foto’s! Ik volgde Anna al (:

    This post is so inspiring, what a stunning work she has done!
    XOX, Gap.

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