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A personal goodbye to our photographer Karen

Today, as we kick off September, we’re getting ready for a new chapter for CHAPTER FRIDAY. We’re working hard on a big Blog Class Event for winter, our minds are set on a new fashion season and Yara flies out to New York this week to hopefully collect our first Bloglovin’ Award. And, as it goes with an online business, we’re making way for new promising talent to shine in our team.

It also means a new chapter for our lovely photographer Karen, who you have all come to know and love in the past year. We’ve just celebrated her last day at CHAPTER FRIDAY and feel like taking a moment to say thanks and most of all… to wish her a kick-ass future packed with adventure.

“My favorite aspect of running a website as a business is working with a talented team of incredible individuals. Working with people that you have both a personal and professional connection with makes going to the office every morning feel like playtime. When Karen sent me her application as a photography intern – now little over a year ago – I instantly knew we’d hit it off. And other than that, she’s simply one of the most talented and enthusiastic young photographers I have come across. When we went out for drinks on Karen’s last day we got all sappy (it was the wine, I swear!) and couldn’t stop laughing at all of our experiences in this year. Looking back at it now, we were just puppies at the time I interviewed and hired her, and I’m incredibly proud of how much we’ve grown together and how Karen has defined the visual style of first This chick’s got style and then CHAPTER FRIDAY. Karen, a personal note from me to you: thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredible photos and for bringing so much life and light to the office every day. Reach for the stars and go get ’em girl!”

“The first day of interning at This chick’s got style, I stepped intro tram number 16 and there was this blond girl sitting next to me. Before I could even check out her outfit (you know how we girls are…) she looked up to me and said ‘Hi! Are you Kelly?’ (she later told me she searched my name at Facebook. My glasses probably gave it away…) This moment resembles how Karen is: honest, straight forward and a true enthusiast by heart. We started working with Yara in July 2013 – babyface and all – and since then, grew closer every month. Karen taught me how to let go of things and enjoy every tiny ray of sunshine (literally and figuratively). I gained a colleague and I gained a friend. With all her experience and knowledge, Yara created a team of three that fitted like a glove. Two blondies and a brunette made CHAPTER FRIDAY happen and with Karen saying goodbye to the team today (you will see her back sometimes of course!) – I wish her ALL (ALL ALL ALL) the success in the world on future projects. Thank you!”

“Though I haven’t been working with Karen for that long – I’ve only worked with her nine or ten times – I feel like I already know her by heart. If anything, Karen is easygoing, witty and she knows how to make you laugh. Like when we were shooting my first ‘What the team wears’ and I was way too embarrassed to stand in front of the camera – which led to pretty funny moments (me being totally awkward). But she knew exactly how to make me laugh and after a few quick snapshots I felt totally at ease. Her spontaneity and contagious laugh made any day at the office an even better day and I wish that I could’ve worked with her a few months longer. I’m so proud of what she has achieved and I know that she’ll do many great things in the future. Karen, I wish you all the love and luck in the world and hope to see you again soon.”

(Images out of our shared folder on WhatsApp)

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    wat lief!
    ik hoop dat de site kee&kee snel online is, want ik kan het werk van Karen niet missen!

    Very sweet of you all! I appreciate it a lot <3

    Such a great personalized goodbye. Why is Karen leaving though? :( I really liked her work!

    Good luck, Karen!

    Karen, I truly loved your work on this website and I will really miss it! Good luck for all of your future plans, I wish you more than a lot of success!

    Wat jammer! Vond haar foto’s mooi en haar outfits erg leuk. Heel veel succes Karen met wat er op je pad gaat komen.

    Wat jammer dat ze weg gaat. Mag ik vragen waarom of was het puur een stage? In ieder geval een hele mooie post en Karen, bedankt voor je prachtige foto’s en veel succes in de toekomst! xx

    Hoi Eva,

    Natuurlijk! Na een jaar in het team is het voor Karen tijd om verder te groeien en nieuwe uitdagingen aan te gaan, en krijgt een andere opkomende topfotograaf weer de kans om een grote berg ervaring op te doen bij CHAPTER FRIDAY! Je zult Karen ongetwijfeld nog tegenkomen op de site, we missen haar namelijk nu al een beetje ;)

    Lovely goodbye post.

    Miss T

    How lovely post this is! I admire you gals that you give this kind of lovely “speech” for you ex work mate. You will really make it in life!

    Sweet :)

    Super jammer dat Karen weggaat (haar foto’s zijn stuk voor stuk prachtig), maar ik wens haar veel succes bij alles wat ze nog gaat doen! X


    Wat jammer dat ze weg gaat! Heb genoten van alle mooie foto’s die ze altijd maakte. Blijf haar volgen op Instagram! Succes Karen met het volgende wat je gaat doen!

    Wij ook! Wat leuk en lief dat jullie allemaal ook zo gehecht zijn aan iedereen die voor CF werkt. Ik ben reuzetrots op al het talent dat ik mag begeleiden!

    <3 Yara

    Wat leuk en lief! Ik ga Karen missen hier op Chapter Friday!

    Who’s that cute guy in the last photo?

    HAHA Noemi, we laughed so hard ;) It’s Jules! Here’s a shirtless pic (shot by Karen!) to make your Monday

    I knew that I shouldn’t write that comment! :-)
    He really caught my attention since he reminds me of Kit Harington, with all those curls…
    He has a beautiful name, too.
    You lucky girls!

    Haha, he’s quite the handsome devil, you’re right!

    Wat een lief artikel!

    Good luck Karen!

    Wat een lieve post! Tot ziens Karen en veel succes in de toekomst :)

    What a lovely post! Bye Karen!
    PS: I hope your new Blog Class Event will be held in English! Fingers crossed!

    Hi dear!
    It will most likely be in Dutch given the biggest audience for a real-life event here is from The Netherlands. Working on other English options though! In time – but hopefully soon :)

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