Passion 14 August 2014
Will you join the team? Two internships on CHAPTER FRIDAY

Hi guys and girls. Here’s a quick note from Yara to remind you of the two internships that are currently available at CHAPTER FRIDAY. One is for a content creation & copywriting position and the other is for in house photographer. Of course, we set up a perfectly set up vacancy that you can check out here, and that describes your tasks and qualifications. But, in my humble opinion, all you need to know is that this will probably be the most awesome internship of your life (or at least one in which you will: learn our team dance routine, get addicted to striped t-shirts and learn a lot about your industry).

So, do you think your the creative and motivated writer or photographer that’s an addition to our growing team? Don’t hesitate to send your motivation (max. 1 A4), CV + photo + your writing portfolio or photography portfolio to yara[@]

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    Sounds like a great opportunity!


    Ohhh I would love to help you out if I had the time, what an amazing opportunity! I hope you find some helping hands soon!

    Kiss, Alena | meet me stylish


    Hi, my name is Marika and I´m 20 years old from Sweden. I have a couple of questions about the writing internship. For how long is it? And would you guys concider chosing someone from another country if that person was ready to move to your country?

    Best regards

    This would be my dream, but sadly enough I live in Belgium and not old enough yet.
    Hopefully you’ll be offering more internships in the future, so I can give it a shot! :)

    I’d love love love to join! But I am just a photography passionate, no professional. (But hey? In the arts, all that counts is passion and creativity, right?) But I don’t live in the Netherlands anymore. Would love to learn form you and work with you though!!
    Liefs! Veel succes met de jacht ;)

    We love seeing that girls all over the world would like to intern. Who knows one day we’ll have offices where you live ;)

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