9 August 2014
How us girls make life harder than it is (and how to change)

It’s a hard knock life for us… The question is whether it really is that hard or whether we’re making it hard for ourselves. But what if we could make it easier us girls? Here’s a few quick fixes to take the edge off. Happy thoughts!

Problem: When you’re imaging how a situation is going to turn out, you always think the worst will happen. You spend hours and hours bickering about the situation – sleepless nights are involved. But what’s the point in getting anxious about things that work out most of the time?
How to change it: It’s okay to imagine a worst case scenario, but be aware that you have a very lively fantasy.

Problem: You want your friends and parents to go to the moon and back for you – and preferably even further. And while it’s obvious that they’ll do anything for you, you always seem to want more.
How to change it: Be grateful for the people around you. Life is about doing things vice versa – if you have no expectations you might be surprised what the people you love are willing to do.

Problem: Your friend does something that you take personal, like cancelling a lunch date. The act itself is harmless, but because you take it the wrong way it leads to anger and frustration.
How to change it: The easiest way to solve this is to let it go. If a friend cancels on you – and calls on beforehand – accept it and set another date. There’s no reason to get mad about something this innocuous, just go grab a coffee by yourself and laugh about your stupid thoughts.

Problem: Your daily thoughts consist of: ‘girlfriend T. has a better butt, girlfriend P. is never ever broke and that girl at work has the best healthy lifestyle ever’.
How to change it: It’s time to stop comparing yourself to others and start living your own life. If you stop looking at others, you’ll have more time for yourself – which already makes your life so much better.

Problem: You live your life in the shadows, afraid to step out and do what you want to. You never do anything impulsive and you never take a risk. Taking a risk simply seems too forward, so you stay right where you are… in your comfort zone.
How to change it: Take a risk! You’ll probably fall a lot, but it’s so much worse to regret the things you never even tried. Go, go, go!

Problem: You keep going over and over things in your head that went wrong – did I say something wrong? Do they think I’m not qualified enough? You’re so focussed on what went wrong that you completely obsess about it.
How to change it: Many things in life go wrong and when they do, you can’t change a thing about it. You may feel bad for a while, but look at everything that went right – try focussing on the good. It probably will change your perspective a lot.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these?

(Inspired by Lifehack / Thought Catalog / image by Elize Strydom)

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    Ik kan me helaas echt perfect aan sluiten bij de meeste punten ;-)

    […] journal, meditate, and ask yourself, “am I making life harding that it is?” […]

    reading the “you always play it safe” section made me instantly think of my wide rimmed hat I bought two(!) years ago and haven’t worn it yet! :(

    I’m the impersonation of the last one. I NEED TO FOCUS ON THE POSIGTIVE THINGS IN LIFE.

    Thanks for the reminder (: X

    Positive* And that was not meant to be in caps. Sorry, haha.

    X http://www.lauresque.blogspot.com

    Definitely, and it really is important to stop over thinking and do what makes you as an individual happy
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography – http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

    Great tips!

    This is beautifully written! My motto used to be “hope for the best but expect the worst” and over the past few years I’ve come to realise that the latter part of that motto overtook my entire perspective of life. It’s definitely helped me to see the simplistic side of life instead of constantly dwelling on all the negative things ( which tend to be all in my head! ).

    Thank you so much for this reminder!

    x Regina (atlandhkg.blogspot.com)

    Jep, ik herken me in heel veel van deze punten haha. Goed artikel!

    Comparison always gets me. I need to focus on myself more. Thanks for the tips.

    – Christina http://www.cityloveee.blogspot.com

    pretty much all are relatable. it’s such a shame and basically a waste of time, driving yourself so crazy! thanks for the tips, i can definitely use them :)
    xo, cheyenne

    Heel herkenbaar dit!

    Unfortunately i recognize myself in many points, especially in “you always play it safe” and “You feel personally attacked”. Both really bad habits, but it is so hard to change it. Thanks for reminding us!! XO Jenny

    Haha I recognize myself in this really bad but thanks for the tips! x

    Meer loslaten en minder piekeren zou al veel helpen. Bedankt voor de tips!

    Tsja, helaas wel. Vaker loslaten en minder druk maken zou al helpen!

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