PeopleTrends: yay or nay 16 August 2014
Pop art trend: yay or nay?
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Boom! These kind of shouts aren’t restricted to cartoons only anymore. The pop art trend is bold, colorful and totally out there. We’ve seen it all over the streets lately and it’s one of those trends that you will probably love or hate (with little in between). Taking an image from a comic book or art piece and print it on denim jackets, bags, sweaters… literally everything, it’s more than allowed nowadays. The result? A very hot fashion item with a great wink to the amazing art by Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.

In doubt? Start by trying a subtle printed clutch. The outstanding prints can spice up any outfit!

What do you think of the pop art trend, is it too out there?

(Image via Cosmopolitan / Vogue / The Style Therapy / Fashionable Collections / Fashion Tag / Pinterest / Annika Grothe / Julie Monoghan)

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