Passion 8 August 2014
3 ways that may help you stay focussed

Working on your laptop (from home for instance) means there are always millions of distractions lurking around the corner. You start off opening a Word document to write an essay and it takes precisely 1,5 seconds to open Safari and type in ‘’. All in the blink of an eye. One hour later, you did absolutely nothing you had planned. We’re sure this sounds familiar to most of you too ;) Here’s three ways to help you regain your focus:

Reduce the distractions
First of all, let’s get rid of everything that distracts (or might distract) you. Identify what those things are (your telephone, the laundry, your view from the kitchen window) and reduce the temptation. Lesson number one: try not to go wondering on the Internet, it will suck you up and it will take all your money!

Plan your action
Make a plan for the day and stick to it. If you make a strict plan – with a realistic time frame – it helps you stay focussed throughout the day. If two hours have passed and you should’ve finished two tasks but you didn’t… go ask yourself what distracted you so much (your favorite beautyblogger?) and make it go away.

Measure your progress
Check what you’ve been doing every two or three hours and measure your progress – you may be able to identify where you go wrong. If you find out you’re actually doing pretty good and mastering your own made schedule, you should definitely high five yourself!

So tell us, how do you try to stay focussed?

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