7 July 2014
Three summer drinks for when temperatures are rising

Beat the heat with these summer refreshers. The sun is finally showing again in Amsterdam and these delicious drinks, ranging from a tropical lemonade to a light cocktail, are perfect to cool down on these hot summer days. They’re super easy to make and you can enjoy them all day long – if you start with the lemonade that is ;) – ranging from breakfast to boozy brunch to cocktail hour. CHAPTER FRIDAY personally tried out the Raspberry frizzante and we’ve never looked forward to cocktail hour more. Today we’re sharing three of our favorite summer drinks that anyone is capable of creating. Just add some fresh ice cubes and pour them up. Cheers!

Watermelon lemonade (non alcoholic)
What you’ll need: watermelon, sugar, lemon and ice
What you’ll do: Dissolve half a cup of sugar in boiled water. Then, chop a watermelon into pieces and blend it until it’s smooth. Strain the blended watermelon through a filter, so that you only have the watermelon juice left. Delicious as is, but to add some sweetness mix the sugar syrup with three cups of cold water and half a cup of squeezed lemon juice. Grab some glasses, fill them with ice, watermelon juice and lemonade and there you go!

Chapter Friday, Fresh Summer Drinks, Raspberry (2) (Resized)

Raspberry frizzante
What you’ll need: raspberries, raspberry syrup, tarragon, prosecco and crushed ice

What you’ll do: This drink is incredibly easy to make (no actual skills required, besides crushing some fruit) and because it’s so light, you can serve it during the day time to spice up a brunch meeting with some bubbles. Here’s how to… Fill the glasses halfway up with raspberries, crushed ice and a little bit of tarragon. Add a dash of raspberry syrup (the one you use to make lemonade) and squeeze the raspberries with a spoon. Add prosecco and your summer refreshers are done.

Chapter Friday, Fresh Summer Drinks, Cherry (4) (Resized)

Cherry cocktail
What you’ll need: cherries, sugar, fresh mint leaves, dark rum, cherry-flavoured seltzer, lime and ice

What you’ll do: This cherry cocktail is a slightly heavier summer drink that’s perfectly suited for late, sultry evenings. It requires a few more ingredients, but the end result is all worth it. Divide one cup of cherries, a handful of fresh mint leaves and eight teaspoons of sugar among four glasses. Squeeze everything together with the back of a wooden spoon. Add 3/4 of dark rum and 1/4 cup of squeezed lime juice. Add ice and three cups of cherry-flavored seltzer and your cherry cocktail is ready to be sipped.


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    They all sounds super-refreshing to me, thanks so much for sharing these recipes, they’ll be needed for the summer months


    I will try the Raspberry frizzante! Looks delicious! Thx for the recipe.

    these all look AMAZING. I’m off on holiday next week so will defo try and give these a go whilst i’m out in the sunshine :)

    Mel x

    They all look and sound delicious!

    Hmmmm klinkt allemaal heeerlijk, Zeker die eerste!

    Ziet er fantastisch uit! Ga ik zeker een keertje uitproberen deze zomer en begin met de watermeloen. Krijg er nu al zin in.

    The raspberry frizzante looks and sounds absolutely delightful. I’d love to try that one (especially because I’m a huge fan of prosecco!). X

    Great minds think alike! I’ve published two Summer cocktails recipes today on my blog! Since I don’t drink alcohol, I’m going to sabe that watermelon lemonade recipe. It looks super yummy!

    Die Cherry Cocktail lijkt me echt heerlijk!
    Meteen een printscreen van gemaakt..

    Die raspberry frizante klinkt heel lekker, alleen jammer dat het met alcohol is. Die eerste ga ik zeker een keer maken!

    Perfect for summer! Especially the raspberry one sounds delicious. I’m saving it for our VrijMiBo haha

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