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Not better yet, but still smiling! A new update from Yara

As promised, I would keep you guys in the loop of how I’m doing and how the RSI is going. In all honesty, dealing with health issues and being a working girl  isn’t the easiest thing. It has nothing to do with all-day pajama parties, sleeping in and ordering takeout food around the clock. (Actually, maybe  it should be and I’m doing it all wrong?! Haha.) Especially in a situation where your company, in my case a brand-new website, is still young and you’re trying to get it all sorted out.

I wish I could tell you that I’m feeling better and stronger every day. But the truth is that the pain has stayed pretty much the same. And I think a large part of that has to do with me. Yup, being brutally honest here ;). As I’m writing this post, or actually dictating into my computer (yay for all the new technology discoveries RSI gave me!) it dawns on me that I’m more dedicated to my work and to running  CHAPTER FRIDAY, than to my recovery. Oops. Although there are countless beneficial things I could be doing, like going to yoga, trying out different treatment methods – I even ventured into Reiki! – I’m still in the office all the time. I love being involved and have the feeling I should be here with my team, where it all happens.

A silver lining
At the same time I do know that there are a million worse things in the world. I’m still able to see my friends, to walk outside with my face in the sun, and I’m confident that one day, very soon, things will be a lot brighter. I might even go as far as saying that this period really taught me a few valuable lessons. About friendship, letting go, and being kind to yourself. If you’re interested in talking about this a little bit more, I can write a post about things I’ve learned from this all.

And now, what about CHAPTER FRIDAY?
Please know that I’m doing absolutely everything in my power to make sure CHAPTER FRIDAY is and stays one of your favorite websites. A warm place that feels like home on the web. A place that feels genuine, positive and that inspires you to find whatever (career) path you wish to be on.

The most important thing for me and my team now is to set realistic goals. That asks for a slightly different approach. Just as you’re used to from CHAPTER FRIDAY quality always comes first. We are still focused on bringing you three brand new posts every day, but on some days might deviate from that.

To be completely honest with you, it’s not always easy. Sometimes it all gets to my head. Yikes! But to know and see that you’re not going anywhere, and that you still love CHAPTER FRIDAY the same, means the world to me.

You and me, we have a special thing going!

Let's talk



    Yara, hope you’ll get over the RSI soon. Been there too, about ten years ago. Massage of my shoulders helped me a lot and using one of these braces. Also I started to use the mouse with my other ha d (acutally I still do). I never have problems with my laptop.
    Which dictating software are you using? I know Dragon and the inbuild Mavericks SW, do you have another suggestion?
    Take care!

    Wat rot dat het nog niet echt beter gaat. Veel sterkte en ik hoop dat je snel weer opknapt!

    Wat jammer dat de pijn vooralsnog niet minder wordt! Ik weet hoe vervelend het kan zijn om de hele tijd ergens last van te hebben. Heel vermoeiend!

    Being sick or injured is no fun, it takes time to mend. Know you’re being sent loads of positive and healing energy. Feel better.

    Hi Yara, I am a loyal follower and I am telling you that I will keep following passionately even if there is one post every other day or week…. Just be patient, take it easy on yourself and think pink! xxx Zoe

    Ah, wat rot… veel beterschap!

    Wat rot dat het nog steeds niet beter gaat! Wel knap hoe je zo kunt blijven lachen! Ik hoop echt dat het snel eens beter gaat met je, gun ik je zo! x

    Yara, take your time to get better! really wishing you a quick and speedy recovery but remember don’t over do it (know thats easy said that done). With love from XO

    Don’t underestimate your health, it needs attention. Maybe it’s a good moment to put your trust in your team and do something just for yourself.

    Hope you feel better soon Yara. We love what you do here on the site but I’m sure no one would mind if you were a little less active online to become healthier off line :)

    Best of luck finding the perfect balance for you x

    aii :( hope you get better soon! and the website is still as awesome as always, no worries ;)
    xo, cheyenne

    Yara, you are doing an amazing job. This blog inspires me everyday! Even if you only post on post a day, I will still love it and I am sure the other readers do to.Take care of yourself. Only a healthy you will be able to keep Chapter Friday up a lot longer!
    xoxo, Ronja

    Stay strong Yara! You’re doing an amazing job.
    Gun jezelf wat ontspanning, dat heb je nodig. Wij lopen niet weg (:

    Liefs. X

    Dear Yara,

    Stay strong and I hope you will recover soon, take some time to relax and focus on yourself. We all want you to be okay.

    Endless hugs

    Céline (theblondpowder)

    Don’t worry Yara, Chapter Friday is on my Bloglovin account so even if you don’t update 3 times a day I won’t miss any new articles ;)

    Try to relax and focus on your health, it is way more important than success and because you are smart and a hard worker everything will come around once you’ll feel better.

    Take care xx

    Great post, get well soon!

    Oh yara, this sucks big time. RSI is a nasty thing.
    Take care and hope you’ll be back in business soon :D
    XO Laura


    I love your brand new site! Hope you get well soon :)

    Ik hoop dat je er gauw vanaf bent!
    x Sandra

    Stay strong babe! Dit is zo herkenbaar, maar je lichaam vraagt om rust en dat moet je t ook geven – I know, ook hoe moeilijk dat is. Gelukkig heb je een top team die je kan helpen en hopelijk gaat het snel beter! Thinking of ya girl!


    Veel beterschap! En wees toch maar een beetje voorzichtig. ;)

    meid neem je rust! en je site is super btw

    Ik begrijp je helemaal, maar toch zou ik als ik jou was echt de rust pakken die je nodig hebt. Gezondheid is het allerbelangrijkst! Heeeeel veel beterschap gewenst!

    Jules x


    You’re right i’mnot going anywhere! i love reading chapter friday,you and your supergirls are doing a wonderful job! I would like to read more about what you’ve learned.
    feel better yara! xx

    Blegg t lijkt me ook moeilijk hoor maar loslaten is soms heel goed beterschap meid <3

    Oh hon…. get well soon, stay strong.x

    Kan me helemaal voorstellen hoe vreselijk het is om niet meer vollop te kunnen werken en dingen los te moeten laten als een mede workaholic. Maar jullie leveren nog steeds top content!! Sterkte en hopelijk ben je snel weer de oude (of new & improved natuurlijk ;)!

    Yara, I hope that you get over this RSI thing very soon. I know how hard it can be and have seen it with some of my colleagues, it’s not a walk in the park (or ‘fun’ sick-leave). Please do write (or…record?) a post to share your learnings, I must say that thanks to your open posts about this, I might have averted making my own RSI worse. I now use multiple mouses and a graphics tablet with pen to make sure I use my hands in more ergonomical ways than I used to. Plus, regular yoga practice seems to make a big difference. And a big compliment for you and your team, Chapter Friday is one of my favorite websites :-)

    I hope it gets better soon Yara! Take your rest if you need to because we will still love Chapter Friday hihi :)

    Hi Yara, ik kan me voorstellen dat het ontzettend lastig is, maar het belangrijkste is toch echt wel dat je weer beter wordt. Ik hoop dat je de komende tijd een beetje rust kan vinden en je snel beter voelt. Liefs, Floor

    well,, some days suck, like totally suck – but chapter friday is always my fav blog because of useful posts :) everything is goging to be better, you’ll see

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