9 July 2014
An ultimate summer bucket list

It’s summer, which means it’s time to live it up! While we were having one of our big brainstorm sessions, the River Island team paid us a surprise visit and walked in with an actual bucket list (meaning there’s a branded bucket standing in the office). This inspired the CHAPTER FRIDAY team to make a personal list of things to do this summer. Because, as you probably know, we love making bucket lists (you can read Yara’s bucket list for 2014 here).

❑ 1. Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it hits.
How fun would it be to just randomly go somewhere? This year we’re not choosing our destination, we let fate decide for us.

❑ 2. Have an outdoor picnic. No more pricey lunching in restaurants and bars. This summer we take lunching to the park and make our own sandwiches and salads and have a perfect picnic.

❑ 3. Make ice-cream. If your favorite ice cream shop doesn’t have the flavor you want, why not make your own ice cream? We are already craving homemade raspberry popsicles and Orea-vanilla ice cream for desert. Yum!

❑ 4. Kiss in the rain. You know that Kirsten Dunst scene in that totally random Spiderman movie? Yep, that exact moment. Romantic with a capital ‘R’.

❑ 5. Go camping in the backyard (or on a balcony). If summer is going to be anything like last year, we need to cool off every once in a while. Just go camping in the backyard. All you need is friends, drinks and food.

❑ 6. Buy the person next to you a coffee. And start a conversation. Minor detail: only check this box when the person next to you resembles anyone like Wes Bentley, Ryan Gosling or Chris Pine.

❑ 7. Have a night of karaoke. Making a fool out of yourself is one thing, making a fool out of yourself, together with friends is priceless.

❑ 8. Learn how to surf. This year you won’t steal the show with your bathing suit, but on a surfboard. Learn how to and be the coolest chick on the beach ;)

❑ 9. Ride a motorbike to the beach. Is there anything cooler than that? (Maybe you can fulfill this one with your coffee date – see checkbox 6)

❑ 10. Sleep under the stars. Because it simply is awesome. Lying down in the grass, staring away into the darkness…

❑ 11. Go to an overnight festival. A summer in Amsterdam means festivals. Book yourself an entire festival weekend and have a shower when you get home again ;)!

❑ 12. Take a last minute trip to a foreign country. There’s something exciting about not knowing where you’ll be going until the day you’re leaving (or maybe one or two days in advance…) Just pick a place, grab your suitcase and go!

❑ 14. Spend a night in a beach house. Waking up to the sound of the waves, watching the sun come up and dip in the sea, yes!

❑ 15. Go one minute shopping in high street stores in Amsterdam. Grab as much as you like, as quick as possible. When you get home, try everything on and return your items later.

❑ 16. Drink milk out of a coconut. This is summer. In a nutshell.

❑ 17. Explore Amsterdam. This city has so many hidden gems. We have to admit we haven’t seen all museums around town and could easily spend a day exploring the city at a slower pace than usual.

❑ 18. Ride a Vespa (in Italy). When in Italy… If there’s anything that will give your summer a boost it’s riding a Vespa, especially in it’s beautiful country of origin. Not forget: always wear a helmet.

What three three things are on top of your personal summer bucket list?

(image via Pinterest)

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