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How to make the most out of your small apartment
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You’ve finally moved into your first very own studio/apartment. Yay! The question is, how to furnish that teeny, tiny space called ‘home’. Living in a studio or small apartment is not exactly ideal, but luckily, with the right interior pieces and a good eye for furnishing, you can definitely make it work. Here are a few keys to success:

Use every corner of the room
There are always hidden spaces, no matter where you live. Try to find those spaces and use them to your advantage. There might just be enough space for a small closet, perfect to stack tiny boxes with all your stuff.

Make your apartment look bigger by using mirrors
Mirrors are perfect for making your apartment look bigger than it actually is. They create space and make your apartment brighter too. A typical win-win situation!

Hang your clothes on a rack instead of in a closet
A closet is nice and all, but it also takes up a lot of space. If you hang your clothing on a rack instead (beauties like these ones), you’ll have some room left for other items. Plus, it’s a great way to display your new cut out boots or Kenzo sweater.

Create different rooms by placing a closet in the middle
If you live in a studio, you might want to create different rooms. A great way to do so is by placing a closet – extra storage space – in between the two spaces. It’s still one room, but it feels like they’re separated. Divide the living part from the sleeping part or create a cozy corner to relax in.

Put shelves on the wall
Shelves are a great replacer of small closets or side tables, without taking up too much space. If you own a lot of books, here’s some inspiration.

Make little corners
By making little corners where you stack your favorite things, like magazines and picture frames, you can personalize your room without making it overcrowded.

Do you live in a small studio or apartment? How do you make it work?

(images via My Scandinavian Home / Design Splendour / Trendenser / Pinterest)



    Where can you get something like the 3rd photo down with the ladder up to the bed? Or even like it?

    Great tips! :) Love all the photos!

    Gorgeous interiors, i just love all in white <3

    These are all so gorgeous. I love the idea of finding a small space with high ceilings to allow for a sleeping loft. White walls and mirrors add a spacious feel too! xx Juliane

    I live in a studio flat, it’s 27 foot by 14 and I would love it if it had windows in those you’ve show as it definitely lacks natural light.
    Any pointers on that?
    I’ve lived there for 16 years and my largest area is the seating part and my sewing area, my bed is just tucked away behind the sofa.
    I love all things patchwork, so it’s becoming a little bit overtaken by quilts etc.

    Haha, Jules, that sounds like one hell of a cozy mini-home :) Lack of natural light can sometimes be kind of depressing… a nice park in the area solves this most of the times (except in winter of course…) x


    Great post! I love seeing how people make the most of small spaces. It definitely takes skill. For even more inspiration, check out:

    I love that second apartment so much! I just moved into a one bedroom apartment in Melbourne so these tips came at a perfect time. Thank you for the inspiration x

    Melbourne? Kelly here looooves Melbourne <3

    These tips were very well-needed! Thanks! X

    I used many of these tips when I was decorating my 420 sq ft apartment last year. I also put the furniture mostly around the sides of the room so it feels more open. This also made a little nook for my bed!

    Really cosy Meinhilde, curious to see your place!


    Lots of good ideas!

    These apartments looks so lovely x

    YES, I just moved to this small apartment in Amsterdam! I added a few big mirrors and I’m trying to keep all the small clutter out of sigh at all times! works for me!

    Welcome to Amsterdam! :)

    Wow! Ziet er gaaf uit!

    great post!


    Love this!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

    These photos give me so much inspiration, love it!

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