5 July 2014
Eyes on the prize: eye print shopping

Kenzo introduced us to the almighty eye print last fall and we can’t stop falling in love. As they tell themselves: ‘Though the eye has been used as a symbol in many different times and cultures with many meanings, there often seems to be a certain implicit mystery in disembodied eye symbols – no one can tell who, exactly, is behind those eyes watching you.’

We’ve selected some eye candy for you to indulge in. While scrolling we suggest listening to Drake or Britney.

1. ZARA dress  €29.95 – 2. MARTA FROMME print for Fine Little €33.00 – 3. MONKI Bibbi thights €12.00 – 4. MONKI Almira bag case €12.00 – 5. DEL TORO Loafers €340.00  – 6. FALCONWRIGHT Clutch €68.00 – 7. MARA HOFFMAN Handmade rug  €400.00

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