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Why working abroad at least once in your life is worth considering

These days it’s pretty simple to spin a globe and jet off to wherever your finger lands, which is great. And while traveling is important in itself, living abroad is a wholly different experience – especially when learning to stand on your own two feet. Moving to another country may be the jump start that you need to make other drastic changes in your life. You’ll be somewhere nobody knows you, you’re pretty much a legal alien.

1. Adapting will become normal
When you’ve moved to another country, even temporarily,  you’ll notice that your life will never be the same again. You’ll be forces to adjust, and become more adjustable in the process. A great way to become a little bit more carefree.

2. Moving abroad will change your perspective
By living in another land that may have a completely different style of living, political stance and economy, it’ll may become easier to relate to people in other countries, as you now have first hand experiences of the many differences in perspective.

3. Experiencing a new culture, new friends
If you’re grasping at straws with your friend and you’re at a loss, moving to another country where the lifestyle and type of person suits you may be a great idea to form life long friendships.

4. Dating will be totally different
And might be worse than at home. Living abroad can be tough, there are cultural differences, languages barriers and there may even a different definition of sexy, but hey, maybe you’ll love it?

5. Sending hand-written letters will become your hobby
Because it’s always cool to send hand written letters with foreign stamps to your friends back ‘home’. Let alone receiving packages from abroad!

6. Leaning a new language is difficult, but fun
It’s always cool to speak two or more languages, living abroad where few people speak your language will force you to learn a language quickly, you’ll be sure to get a lot of laughs about your language skills in the process.

7. Being at ‘home’ will not feel like home
If you do ever decide to come back ‘home’, you’re guaranteed to always hold a little of your time abroad in your heart – and you’re likely to always consider it a second home you can turn to anytime you like. True enrichment of your life.

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    This post definitely made me smile!
    I’m currently a college student and I decided a few months ago to go study abroad for 4 months… I’m a Portuguese student and I decided to go to… Macao, China. I know, it’s freaking crazy! I was (and still am!) so excited and I feel truly happy to be able to experience something like this. However, as time goes by and the day that I’m leaving comes closer, I’m starting to get terrified that I’ll miss home and my family too much and… you know, my mind starts to wander and I keep asking myself “why the hell did I choose to go so far away from home, for such a long time?!!”.
    So, yeah, this post definitely made me smile and reminded me why I’ve chosen China in the first place.. You know what they say right? “Go big or go home” and I guess that’s what I did! ;)

    Well, sorry for the rambling and again, thank you very much CHAPTER FRIDAY team this was exactly the kind of post that I needed to read right now! Have a lovely day girls! <3

    Céline (theblondpowder)

    So so true ! I used to live in Londonin 2005 and I have now an opportunity to work there in a few months. I’m so thrilled about it cause I will always consider London as my second home (I’m a French girl from the South but living in Paris).

    Yara, I really like the new version of your blog with all the great tips you and your team give ;)

    And I want to wish you a Happy Birthday again ! (I was also born on the 7 of June, Gemini power ;) )

    Hi Celine, that sounds wonderful. Londen and Paris are two great places to live! Thanks for the birthday wish, go Gemini’s!

    So true, Moving and living abroad is totally worth it and is (n my opinion) something everyone should have done at least once in their life.

    Happy Birthday Yara! I would love to move abroad and just experience a whole new world :)

    Food for thought! It’s worth considering!



    Leuk artikel!

    In july verhuis ik naar Zweden en ik denk dat dit een heel leuk avontuur gaat worden :)

    In het buitenland werken zou een dream come true zijn! Ik studeer momenteel taalkunde/communicatie met de hoop om met m’n job later veel te mogen reizen. Binnenkort ga ik voor 4 maand in Finland studeren dus dat is al een soort voorproefje :) leuk artikel!

    Spannend! Veel plezier alvast :)

    Totaal waar. Heb zelf vijf maanden in Zweden gewoond, en ben er door veranderd – op een goede manier.
    Zou graag nog tips van jullie krijgen hoe je aan de slag kan gaan in het buitenland (iets meer verdieping).
    Wel een tof artikel!


    Living abroad is definitely something I plan on doing in the not so far future. I totally agree with you that these experiences will probably totally change yourself a lot and I cannot wait for all the experiences I hope to make when I live abroad!


    Lijkt me ook heerlijk om een tijdje in het buitenland te wonen. New York, Los Angeles of Londen staan hoog op mijn lijstje!

    This is really making me consider my next few moves, i would love to live abroad and learn a new language but i feel constrained to an idea :( if things present themselves i think i’d like to go work in europe for a while, maybe USA
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

    I live abroad for many years now, and I can agree with you that coming home doesn’t feel like I am home there any more. But on other hand is good to feel like a home everywhere I go. :) I can settle in new countries much quicker.

    You forgot one thing! Whether it’s just a business trip, or even living abroad: most of the time, your favorite beauty products are waaaay cheaper or better available. For that reason only it would love to live in France (= Embryolisse, Bioderma) or the US (Urban decay!) :-D

    Hear, hear! ;)

    Leuk artikel! Ik woon momenteel in Parijs voor alweer 10 maanden. De laatste gaat helaas nu al in, dan weer naar NL. Maar inderdaad, wat is het heerlijk om ergens anders te wonen!

    Great post.
    I will love to do an internship abroad, don’t really matter where
    I guess. Just want to get to no more about other peoples cultures.
    I love that!

    Much Love, M

    I want to work in Los Angeles….just for three months….I’m not greedy!! This is on my bucket list..


    I lived abroad for 18 years of my life, moving to a different country every three years. I highly recommend it. And not just for a few months, cause let’s be honest, that’s not really “living” somewhere but more an extended vacation. But at least a year or so is great and puts a whole lot of new perspectives into your life and educates yourself more so than any course, book or lecture.

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