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Why crying at work takes courage

Crying at work, also known as one of life’s most embarrassing experiences it’s not something very pretty. But sometimes, work sucks. Sometimes it sucks so much that you just need to cry.

When it happens, some of us rush down 24 floors to get some fresh air and do it in front of the office building, others prefer to be alone and hide in the toilet to shed a tear. Or the occasional river of tears.

It’s OKAY to cry from time to time , but once you’ve had your moment, wipe the tears away and show you have no fear by following a few tips.

Don’t get all drama queen
The need to want to cry comes from stress and often feeling like you’re not good enough. But the truth is, your boss probably thinks you’re wonderful.

Ask for a moment
Ask for a moment to compose yourself. Faking a bad allergy/irritating contact lens/invent a phone call is not going to fix this situation. Just say something like ‘I need to step out for a moment because I feel kind of emotional. I will be right back.’ Then go out breathe, refocus or walk it off.

Tell them why
When returning to your desk, an explanation may be a good idea after you’ve been sobbing. Keep it short, but share your feelings with your team.

Close the door behind you
When feeling blue, keep it in mind that at the end of the day – when it’s all said, cried out and done – you go home and leave your (t)issues at the office.

Have you ever cried at work? What was the reaction of those around you, and how did you feel about it?

(text by Kelly Nederlof, image via Tumblr)

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    I did. At first I was mortified but then… well, I am human. I work hard and I really care, That’s why I cried. I do not intend to cry every week, but if it happens… it’s ok. I try to be discreet and move on.

    I’ve cried a few times, but behind closed doors. Unfortunately, I cannot show any sign of weakness in the workplace because I’m one of two females working with a company predominantly run by men. Some days are harder than others, but I will never let them steal my shine. #WhoRunTheWorld


    Yep, I had once. My workload was so high that I couldn’t manage anymore, it was crazy. The feeling of exhaustion came in all of a sudden (well not so sudden, but the tears did) Luckily my colleagues and boss were very understanding and were glad that I was able to tell – after the tears – that I just couldn’t do three jobs at the same time.

    Thanks for sharing, great article and tips! XO

    I work a student job at a restaurant, and in the the three years I have been there I’m pretty sure I have seen all of my colleagues cry at least once (usually over family / bf issues).

    Wise tips…


    oh god. I cried once when I thought my hours would get cut & people were totally understanding. Another time I cried because my boss at the time was so intimidating I was too scared to call up sick so I came to work feeling so shit that I cried and they told me to go home. But twice over 6 years is pretty good. I see people cry weekly at work & I just wonder why they haven’t quit already if they are so miserable. But I’m a bitch sometimes.


    Ahh, the crying bit about work. It happens. If you have have a tough job or wild people to work with – worst case = both, It happens. So far I always managed to keep my tears to myself and get over it, by trying not taking everything too personal. In my opinion, the best solution is to take a deep breath and try too get a grip about the other persons position/feeling. For instance, if my boss is a single mother with a bloody tough job managing her work and private life, I know, that many issues we might have, are to be taken as relaxed as possible, even though the tone she took was rough – for all I know, it might not be me, but something else that drove her temper up. I always vote for explanation and understanding each others circumstances…

    So much fun to read your stories! We’re reading all of them now with the team and we surely can relate. Trying not to take everything too personal is a great tip – because it usually simply isn’t!


    I have recently had this happen to me, thankfully it was in my appraisal so it was just in a one on one situation but having to walk back into the office all puffy eyed was the most embarrassing thing I have ever had to do. It was a release though, I had been harbouring discontent in my job for the past 8 months and to finally let it go was such a relief.

    Ik ben hard aan het werk om een musicalartiest te worden. Huilen op werk/mijn opleiding is dus heel normaal. Niet alleen in een spelscène of nummer, maar ook erbuiten.
    Ik moest bij mijn afgelopen beoordeling huilen. En ik voelde het van tevoren al aankomen, dus ik had mijn klas al gewaarschuwd. Uiteindelijk heb ik hysterisch huilend voor mijn docent gezeten.
    ‘Vind je het vervelend?’
    ‘Nee, ik ben gewoon heel moe.’
    Ach ja, iedereen in mijn klas heeft al gehuild. Dus het is niet eens raar. Gewoon lekker laten stromen.

    Liefs, Britt.

    Agree! Really good tips :)

    good advice ladies, thank you ! i have got upset at work and near cried, but i knew what i had to do to get the courage to make myself feel better – i ended up leaving and i felt so much better in myself (it wasn’t a one time upset, i really disliked working there and wasn’t furthering myself)
    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

    Yes! I had a strained manager-to-manager relationship in a previous position & when it came time for mediation, I had an emotional moment when it got heated. But it all worked out after emotions subsided & we were able to really talk about it. It’s true the stress build up comes from not feeling good enough/lack of communication or feedback.
    I’ve found I’ve only been that emotional in positions that I’m absolutely passionate about.

    xo, Manda

    thanks for the tips! I’m still a student, but i’ll keep this in mind



    I have. As Maggiecallife says: it was horrible. At first, but I’ve never regretted it. I told my boss afterwards why I cried and his understandig made everything better. Yes it felt silly, but I also refound my confindence.

    Yes, I have! And it’s horrible! When the anger, stress, disappointment of something that happened at work are so strong and you just can’t take it anymore then you just start crying. And it’s not because you are sad but just because the emotions are so overwhelming that you cant stop yourself, they just go out. And when that happened to me I felt so embarrassed and thought that my boss thinks I’m ridiculous. But whatever happened- happened. Everything passes anyways, so it’s all good :)

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