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If there’s any object (shoes and handbags aside!) that we’re attached to at the CHAPTER FRIDAY office it’s our iPhone. It holds our agendas, creative notes, personal photo’s, texts… We’d almost feel naked without it, and usually have our phones within three-feet radius at any given time. But how much do we really know about our beloved piece of tech? These are three nifty tricks that you probably didn’t know about your iPhone.

Shake It!
Changed your mind about that text you just wrote? Shake your phone and an ‘undo typing’ box will come up. If you change your mind again, just shake your phone again and a ‘redo typing’ box will appear.

Take a burst of photographs
“How did I not know about this!?” is what we all thought when we found out. You’d think Apple would advertise this function loads, but no. All you have to do hold down the shutter button in your camera and you’ll automatically activate burst mode. Meaning ten shots versus one in under a few seconds. Selfie score!

Charge it 3x faster
Rushing out the door to catch your train and seeing your phone is dead is a horrible feeling. By putting your phone on flight mode, it will charge three times faster. Magic. Yep, it really is.

Do you know any handy tech tips or tricks? Share them in the comments, thankyouverymuch ;)

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    Handiggggg! Vooral dat opladen in flight modus!!

    Handig! Dat opladen in flight modus, wow!

    The last tip is amazing, I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this before.

    Hier nog 7 tips! >

    Meer handige iPhone & Android tips vind je op Always with ;-)



    Selfie’s maken kan ook met je oortjes! Gewoon de volumeknopjes gebruiken. En bij je berichten je vinger naar links schuiven en de verzendtijd komt tevoorschijn :)

    I didn’t know about the second one. Thanks Yara! :-)

    De eerste 2 kende ik nog niet, dank voor het delen! x

    Nooit geweten dat je ook foto’s kon nemen met de volumeknop aan de zijkant. Kwam er vandaag per ongeluk achter! Geen gedoe met onhandig touchscreen meer dus!
    X Esther


    feeling so informed now!

    Miss T

    Great tips – thanks – I did not know 1 & 3!

    lovely details!

    aaah i didn’t know all of this!


    How did I not know about burst mode!? Freakin awesome! :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

    Omg! How did I..? I have been using my iPhone4 (yep.. time for a new one.. If I ever have enough money) for nearly three years now without knowing anything from this list!! Revelation!

    How did I not know these things? I’ve had an iphone for two years and had no idea of these tricks. Thanks for sharing.

    These are really handy tips! I didn’t knew about any of them

    Love the charging tip, can’t believe I didn’t know for it! :)

    “Shake je iPhone voor het herstellen” dit wist ik niet! Haha! Ik dacht altijd dat dat blokje kwam omdat ik per ongeluk op iets geks drukte tijdens het rennen naar de bus..

    wow, amazing tips!

    this is so freakin’ helpful! I had NO IDEA THAT LAST ONE was possible. NIIIIIICE!!

    Love tips!

    For less “awkward selfie arm”, you can press the volume buttons to snap a photo.

    To save battery power (when you cant immediately charge), turn off the “Fetch New Data” setting under Mail (otherwise the constant data/wifi updating will suck your battery life!). The app will update when you open it, but it will not continuously sync while in the background.

    xo, Manda

    wow!!! I had no idea about the 1st and the 3rd! :*

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    They Charging tip is a life safer ☺️

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