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Time saving hacks for your email

It is said that, while at work, you spend a massive two hours a day on your email. Every time you hit the send-button, another message comes pouring in. So now, here’s how to conquer your inbox!

Emailing is work too
Stop seeing emailing as separate from your ‘real work’. Contacting clients/secret admirers/colleagues is work too, you know. Once you made this mindset shift, it’s a lot easier to make time for email.

A tap on the shoulder
While an email gets easily lost in the pile, a tap on the shoulder is hard to miss. So if you have something to say to a colleague around the corner, just walk up to them instead of writing a meaningless digital message.

There’s a difference between urgent and important
When an email is marked as ‘urgent’ you feel the need to answer right away. But does this ‘urgent’ tag equals a win/lose, life-or-death situation? Make the right decision between what you find important or what someone else calls urgent.

Vacation is on it’s way
Two weeks before you go on vacation, let everyone know by giving a heads-up and write the dates in your email signature. Much better than a mass email message, which few people will read or remember, plus: no last-minute questions once you start packing your suitcase.

The amount of emails can be quite overwhelming
Make a simple daily routine. Don’t use your good, fresh energy on other people, use it for yourself. So do what YOU want to do first thing in the morning, don’t dive into your inbox right away and spend this precious time on questions and to do’s written by someone else. Oh, and if most of your messages are spam or unread newsletters: get rid of them.

Use shortcuts
To avoid RSI, a overcooked brain or other aching limbs, try to use shortcuts. It’s less time consuming and will help you type your messages away much faster. The tricks:
For Gmail:

  • (Ctrl + Enter) to send message.
  • (Ctrl + .) to move to the next window.
  • (Ctrl + Shift + c) to add CC recipients.
  • (Ctrl + Shift + b) to add BCCrecipients.

For Outlook:

  • (R) to reply
  • (Shift+R) to reply all
  • (Shift+F) to forward
  • (F7) to check spelling

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    I get over 50 emails a day at my job, insane!! I have different folders where I file my emails, directly after reading them. The ones that need reply/actions and more time etc, I put in the folder “to do’. Which I look at twice a day. When completed I put them in the right folder. This way I have a clean inbox and I can find my emails in a heartbeat. Also giving your emails a clear subject helps you find them later on, when you use the search option in outlook.

    Wow, you’re a total pro! Thanks for sharing :)

    Great post! I tend to think that every Email is urgent!

    Goed artikel weer Yara! Wat een top website dit :)

    Love it!

    My Fantabulous World

    Great tips!

    Love this! Weirdly, I’m exactly two weeks out from going on vacatinn. I’ll be updating my signature today!

    Must be faith ;) Let them alll know you’ll be out of town and you won’t be bothered while having some well deserved free time!


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