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CHAPTER FRIDAY LOVES: gold detail Sloane notebooks

Let’s face it: nothing sparks your inspiration quite like a pretty notebook. And isn’t a notebook the ideal gift to self-indulge in without a hefty price tag? Sloane Stationery makes a colorful selection of luxury books with hilarious notes-to-self embossed in gold letters on the cover. Like ‘White lies’ or ‘Busy, busy, busy’. Another favorite is ‘Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere’ – and our bad girl destination of choice would be anywhere they sell Sloane notebooks.

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    Wat een geweldig mooie blog heb je! LOVE IT

    Die zijn echt prachtig!
    Vooral die blauwe <3

    Ik ben fan. Zo leuk dat je ze ook kan customizen! Misschien kan je dat ook in de blogpost vermelden?

    Nice selection!

    Love them! In desperate need for a new pretty notebook (or three). Will deff check them out :)

    Definitely do! You also have the option to custom make them with your own quote or favorite word.

    Zien er leuk uit!

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