27 April 2014
Putting together the perfect bar cart

Cheers to the weekend! For your boozy Sunday brunch or weekend cocktail date with friends, we’ve assembled some bar cart styling inspiration, plus your absolute essentials. What booze to buy, what fun accessories to decorate with, and what garnishes to buy? If you have no idea where to start, these guidelines might help you set up a bar area that both looks great and is fun and functional to use. Perfect host points guaranteed! And of course it’s the styling part (glasses, colored straws, old vintage bottles!) that’s most fun. OK, that and the actual drinking… Cheers to the weekend!


– Cart
Let’s start with the base: the cart. There are countless affordable options available online, or at local vintage shops. Best is to pick a piece with multiple shelves or levels, and maybe a drawer to hide clutter while mixing. Think outside the box as well, something as simple as a rolling organizer (available at places like Ikea) could function as a bar cart.

– Tools
Every girl needs ’em: a bottle opener, coasters, an ice bucket.

– Glassware
No bar is complete without glass, and it’s what will define the style of your cart. Search for assorted, old fashioned martini and red wine glasses.

– Alcohol
Stocking up the bar with booze is probably the most important of the lot. You don’t need to be able to compile allĀ popular drinks, but select at least one bottle of each of the major types of liquor. We recommend to begin with Vodka, Wiskey, Scotch, Gin and Cointreau.

– Mixers
Some like it strong, some not so. Make sure to have mixers, like fruit, tonic, soft drinks and club soda drinks. Cranberry juice, ginger beer, soda water and Coke are the basics.

– Flavors & garnishes
It’s all in the details! Add lemons, ice, olives, sugar… ice cream? It’s these little touches that will make your drinks stand out.

– Personal odds & ends
These little tidbits will add personality to your bar cart and are fun little styling tools. A tray with toothpicks, straws, card games, candles or cocktail recipe books will make the look complete. Add items with a personal feel, like an old black and white photo in a frame, a vintage vase or a pretty lamp to make your cart look more inviting.

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