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6 things every ambitious twentysomething should do

Anyone who has the nerve to call your twenties ‘the waiting room of life’ must have never been there. This decade is the most awesome and exciting yet, but at the same time it can be immensely stressful too (thank you crap economy/ex-boyfriend). Since there’s a million reasons to be insecure about, well… everything, we provide you with some clear guidance to take in for the best shot at success and happiness.

1. Learn to know yourself
The time has come to try (we know it’s hard) understanding yourself. You should know what upsets you and what makes you happy, because self-knowledge will help you understand why you do what you do. Write down what is the thing that would motivate you in times of greatest failure. They might sound a little frightening, but find the answers to these questions: What is your fear? Who loves you? What do you want to achieve?

2.  Go see the world
Exploring will teach you a lot about different cultures, people and their thoughts. You are mature enough to go on your own and immature enough to learn from others, so use this time while you have it. Plus, you don’t have family obligations. Go travelling (especially low key) and learn how to survive independently in a new place. Remember, when you feel far away from home: we learn through struggling!

3. Start taking care of your body
Ma’am, please step away from the computer. This whole technical revolution is nice and all, but being tied to our iPhones and laptops 24/7 isn’t going to make us stronger (more like mini Quasimodo’s). You’re at your athletic peak, so make use of it! The key is to exercise regularly, be aware of what you eat and when you do it. Your body will thank you for it later.

4. Learn from your mistakes
You’re going to be facing a lot of rejection when you go out hunting for a job. You’re going to be making a lot of foolish mistakes. That’s when you’ll have to say to yourself: ‘I made a mistake, I learned from it and I will move on now.’ Mistakes are a great education and probably the quickest way we have to finally getting things right.

5. Don’t stress too much about money…
It will come. So what should you focus on instead? Finding what you like to do and getting good at it. Without many responsibilities (did we mention you’re young and free?) you’re allowed to take risks.

6. Okay, maybe a  little.
Since you’re now trying to be independent and mature, you need to start thinking about sensible financial planning. Start saving money by setting aside three to six months living expenses in case of emergency. You’ll manage.

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    Absolutely love this article, it is totally on point! Now is the time to travel and really push ourselves to continue to grow through our failures. Thanks for the wonderful read!

    Good advice. Making all those things happen can be tough. I don’t know how you have become so accomplished by age 24. It’s really impressive. I’m 23 and striving to get more done.

    It’s totally me, this year I’ll turn 21 so I made a lot of little changes in my life and yes they are really similar to what is written in this post!

    These are certainly the things I’m aiming for in my life right now. Thanks for this!

    love love love it x

    great advice! really liked #3

    This article couldn’t have come at a more ironic time. Thank you!

    xo kat

    Ahw, I hope it helps you out :)

    I agree! I’m 21 and I’ve realised that the only point I have problems with is 6. I would also add “gain experience”, it’s the best moment because we are young and free ;)

    Great article and very poignant. I turned 29 this year and totally agree with all of these points. Especially learning from your mistakes. Failure only makes your stronger and more ambitious. Thanks for the great read.

    Couldn’t agree more! Now is the time to travel, to explore the world, get to know our adult selves, take (responsible) risks AND set ourselves up for a bright future. I feel so lucky every day that I’ve been given the education and opportunities to allow me to follow my dreams in so many aspects of my life.

    The only thing I truly need to take away from this post is to step away from the computer and all of our technologies from time to time (I say as I’m typing away on my Macbook…).

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    Love this list. As a twentysomething today, it can be difficult to step back and remember, hey you’re only in your twenties and there’s so much life ahead of you yet! x

    Danielle ·

    Yes! Just relax a little bit. There’s no rush to get anywhere in the future.

    Great tips! x savannah

    Geweldig artikel weer! Helemaal mee eens :) Ben er toevallig mee aan het werk!

    Nice list! Really motivating ^^

    Perfect lijstje. Heel motiverend!

    Love this!!

    Hele fijne tips!

    Raak ik zeker gemotiveerd van :)


    Heel mooi artikel <3 Fijne tips en zeker om mee aan de slag te gaan en dagelijks toe te passen! Dankjewel!

    giiirl your posts are better and better

    I would love to see a whole post about saving money. The rest of these I feel like I can handle, but saving just 3 months of living expenses sounds completely daunting!


    Y’know at 45 I’m a good twenty odd years older than you, Yara. I’m having to reinvent myself and my life by necessity. Which is good, because it keeps things fresh and moving forward. I’m normally more of a lurker on your blog, but just decided to post because I think they’re great points and universal enough that they can be applied to a woman’s life, no matter what her age. Anyway, great blog.

    So true, Annie! At every age there comes a time when you learn to know yourself a bit more. And even if it has to happen due to tough times – you’ll come out more wise and happy. Thanks for reading CHAPTER FRIDAY :)

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