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6 signs you’re doing what you love

Finding something you truly love (we mean LOVE like you love strawberry cheesecake) can be quite the task. But hold up. Isn’t this your day off? And you’re still typing away on that essay/making flamingo colored moodboards/working on your Photoshop skills? It’s probably a sign you actually are madly, deeply in love with what you do. Here’s a checklist to find out.

First up…
Never a dull day! You don’t mind running a busy schedule and getting up early. Your problem is you have so many things you want to do, you struggle to decide what to do first.

Meetings? Love them!
Most people get an instant headache while thinking about meetings and being in the centre of attention. Not you, you bring your biggest smile – even on Monday morning. Being in the middle of thoughtful, challenging discussions that lead to decisions, initiatives, and change – there are few better things you can think of.

Inspirators are around the corner
You’re excited about what you’re doing, but you’re even more excited about the people you are in the office with. Why? They’re smart. Confident. Funny. Giving. Dedicated. And above all: inspirators.

Work = part of life
You don’t have to put in time at work and then escape to ‘the real life’ to be happy. You enjoy life and work. You feel alive and joyful not just at home but also at your desk. When you love your work, it’s a part of your life.

Sóóó much to explore
When you love your work, it’s like peeling an onion. There are always more layers to discover and explore. When you hate your work it’s also like peeling an onion – but all you find are more tears.

You hardly ever look at the clock
You’re too busy making things happen. And when you do look at the clock, you often find that the time has flown. Your job-hating friends may probably never believe you, but the truth is: you’re a work-lova-holic!

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    I like this post! Thanks for the advice. Loved it!

    I like this post! Thanks for the advice. Loved it! : )

    I consider my extreme passion for what I do as a blessing and a curse of the freelancer.

    This is exactly me!!

    That’s really good info to know, especially when you want to check if the job is right! Thanks!


    Miss Eliza WonDerland

    I love this! I know what to look forward to now!


    Great article. I know that I am not living my passion with my day job. I have been going through a crisis, an awakening crisis. Thank you for this article.

    I look forward to the day that I can call my crafting my job, being a mum is full time right now and I sew when I can but would really love for it to be my career

    I wish I had a job like this! xoxo

    Thank you for your post. As I read each item, I kept saying to myself “yes,” “yes,” and “yes.” It is good to hear someone who experiences their work the way I do.

    Many times the people around me work so they can play. I consider it all the same. I call them activities. Income producing activities, social activities, family activities.

    My passion is when I work because I feel it makes a difference to others. Thanks again!


    I work at home in my sewing room and have for almost 20 yrs. I make things I love and have been sewing for over 50 yrs. I love being with people but I love the world of crafting what I love.

    I took a big risk by getting out of teaching. It was draining me. I learned how to groom dogs and I am now a blogger. I find that I get lost in what I do. It’s so rewarding and it keeps me young.

    Eslam Ayoub

    Love the article, particular the onion analogy!

    wow some inspirational talk i love it, need more in my life xx

    There is also something to be said for trying to find little things in a job one already has. Sometimes we get stuck in jobs we don’t like, but I try to find the little things at work that make me happy, that keep me going because my job in its entirety is not what I want to do forever. It’s finding the little pieces of happiness that keep me going.


    So true ! I couldn’t agree more :)
    And I’m happy cause I’ve just found this exact job you describe :)

    It’s not always easy to stay super enthusiastic while studying (exams and stuff…), but I have an internship end of this semester and my thesis next year and I am super excited for both! And when writing papers or even during those dreaded exams, sometimes I catch myself thinking “gowd this is so interesting!!!”

    This is the right approach I think! I wish you many success <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    Your posts are very inspiring and I get motivated a lot, thanks! x

    I think I ticked all of these off! I still may vote strawberry cheesecake higher though ;)

    North of London – Beauty Blog

    Fijn artikel, Yara!

    x Isabella


    echt een hele leuke artikel!



    Wat een leuke post weer! Je blog is echt positief veranderd. Hoewel ik ‘m altijd al super vond hoor. Eén aandachtspuntje, in dat balkje onder de posts (previous en next) valt er een stuk buiten als het langer dan 1 regel is.

    Inspirerende post & iets waar iedereen zou naar moeten streven! Ik heb het gevoel dat ik toch al goed op weg ben… :) x

    Wat fijn om te kunnen zeggen dat je goed op weg bent, toch? Succes!


    Well I wish I could say I answered all with yes, but let’s say I’m on my way to there :)

    Wat een leuk artikel weer!

    Hi Yara, great post! Wilde zeggen dat ik een groot fan ben van Chapter Friday! Las altijd al met veel plezier je vorige blog, maar Chapter Friday had voor mij op geen beter moment kunnen starten. Het staat vol met interessante posts die direct betrekking hebben op vraagstukken waar ik me momenteel mee bezig hou. Heel inspirerend! Keep up the excellent work! xx Kayin

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