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5 Tips to Becoming a Google Genius

In a rush and trying to find the opening hours to that Acne store you want to visit or just desperately looking for the newest news on Ryan Gosling (no worries, we are too!)? Narrow down your searches and become a Google pro by using these simple tricks to help you navigate the www.

1. “Quote’ it!”
By adding quotation marks around your sentence, “do you know Regina George?” Google knows that you’re searching for exact words. This comes in handy when you’re scouring for song lyrics, quotes or just for your personal stalking habits. 

2. When ‘fire’ has nothing to do with your job
By adding a dash (–) to a specific word,  Google knows that you want to exclude that word in all your results: fire – job. 

3. That wavy ~thing
By using a tilde (~) before a term, you’ll get all the synonyms of that word. For example, ~animal, will also include beast, monster, savage and all other synonyms.

Using ‘site:query’ will allow you to search for something within a specific website. Handy huh? This example will search for all stationery related topics within CHAPTER FRIDAY!

This nifty little tool will allow you to search for sites that link to the specified url of a website, for example, you can find all pages that link to

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