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Editorial: A Day in LA

A Day in LA

Todays editorial comes all the way from the west coast. Shot in Los Angeles, it takes you through a day of adventure in this iconic city. From Venice Beach to classic burgers at In-N-Out (totally counts as work!), to the stars at Hollywood Boulevard and Amoeba Music: this shoot is jam packed with every bit of LA culture.

About the photographer
Monroe Alvarez (yes, it’s the raddest name ever) made name as a model at eighteen but always felt more at place behind the lens than in front of it. Growing up with a famous model as a mom and a star photographer as dad, it’s no surprise this beautiful brunette ended up on both paths. Born in Amsterdam, raised in the States and with detours through Paris, New York and Milan, she sold her heart to LA at 22, where she never intends on leaving. At the moment, Monroe works on a passion project called Venice black hearts: a website that gathers insider tips and hotspots in LA. And if that’s not enough to keep this girl busy, she’s also launching a blog called Certified Tomboy, an outlet for her model-off-duty-meets-masculine style. Follow Monroe on Instagram (@dontbeafool) and have another look at her work on her website. Special thanks to Smashbox Cosmetics for making me and Anna beautiful!

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