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Personal 21 December 2014
A sweet and easy DIY Holiday gift: a star wish envelope

I’m a huge sucker for handwritten notes, original gift wrapping, cute stationary and all of the little thoughtful things you

Personal 12 December 2014
The year in review part 1: The most valuable business lessons I’ve learned

I can say that 2014 was an incredible year and a challenging one at times. It feels like it has

Personal 5 November 2014
Yup. I’m officially winter ready. Say hello to another shearling jacket!

If you’ve been reading CHAPTER FRIDAY for longer than say, a millisecond, you know that my winter wear is all

Personal 28 October 2014
Trust me, you can dance! Sincerely, Vodka

When it comes to looking for party style inspiration, I’m pretty sure we all feel the same way: there is

Personal 22 October 2014
My ultimate home office make-over: it’s happening!

Maybe it’s because I spend about 99% of my time awake browsing Pinterest, which kind of sets you up with

Personal 15 October 2014
Saying goodbye to Kelly and meet the new member of the CHAPTER FRIDAY team!

When it comes to running an online platform, there is one thing I know for sure: everything is constantly changing.

CHAPTER FRIDAY, Afscheidspost Karen
Personal 1 September 2014
A personal goodbye to our photographer Karen

Today, as we kick off September, we’re getting ready for a new chapter for CHAPTER FRIDAY. We’re working hard on

Personal 6 July 2014
Have you seen the mobile version of CHAPTER FRIDAY yet?

Some of you might have seen this already in the past weeks and we are still fine tuning (like a

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