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Staycation! Why creating happy moments for yourself is the best

We’ve just wrapped up January (which is basically a trial month anyway – let’s do better in February!) and I’m zooming in on my biggest resolution for 2016. A personal mission? To simplify my life.

This year is all about being gentle with myself and to stop wasting time away with trivial things. To really take time for cozy, uncluttered (and preferably offline) moments, and to enjoy doing those by myself.Easy? Nope. Worth it? We’ll see! Starting off this resolution the right way, I booked a staycation for just myself. Traveling and sleeping in a different place always makes me feel SO inspired and adventurous.

So I figured, why not take matters into my own hands? Spending time with myself allows me to create thinking space. There is nothing more valuable than being able to enjoy my own company too, and to enjoy doing things alone.Looking out of a window, sipping tea, listening to music, rolling around in a huge bed and being wrapped up in a knit… A date night with just you can be the ultimate form of cozy relaxation. And it was exactly what I needed.

Looking out of a window, sipping tea, listening to music, rolling around in a huge bed and being wrapped up in a knit… A date night with just you can be the ultimate form of cozy relaxation. And it was exactly what I needed. A little later, Emma and I went back to the hotel to shoot this personal story with Calvin Klein that captures exactly how I felt in that moment. Joyful, comfortable and saying yes to life. Every minute of it.

I’m wearing a Zara slip dress, Ganni knit and Calvin Klein class watch

This post is created in collaboration with Calvin Klein

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    Where’s the necklace from? I’m searching everywhere for one just like that with my initial – C. :)


    […] we’ve mentioned before (in the first Letter from the Editor, for instance, and in our Staycation piece) we’ve become apostles of the idea to approach January as a trial month and February as the […]

    Simplifying is a great mission! Less clutter and more key goals!

    Oh perfect!! Love the pictures. Wish Emma was my photographer..

    Aaaaah lief Thanks!! Zo leuk om al die enthousiaste reacties te lezen! :)

    Love it sweeties!

    Absolutely to all of this. Staycations are amazing! Or even just a simple date night with yourself. I’m also attempting more offline time, and more time with friends and family!

    They are, aren’t they! Definitely do that, family and friends before the rest.

    Yes, January is definitely a trial month. Love that you carved time into your calendar to book a staycation for yourself. I think that’s something we all deserve, but rarely give ourselves. Love the longer length of your hair, btw!

    It is! (You deserve it, too – go carve out time for yourself as wel!)

    like it! but the sentences are double also in the other outfit articles!

    Leuke post! Mooi jurkje!
    Xx Jint

    I love the idea of a Staycation, especially living in London. I’ve just never gotten round to it but you’ve inspired me! x

    Yes to that! Go explore <3

    Oeh pretty!

    Thank you Kiki! :]

    Wat een mooie en happy foto’s van jou, Yara! Heel tof!

    Dankjewel Fleur!

    Really good idea! I think it’s so important to be able to also be alone from time to time..

    Super duper important! XX

    oh these photos are breathtaking beautiful

    Ah that is SUPER sweet of you, thanks!


    Inspirerend artikel en mooie foto’s :-)

    Dankjewel Sennett! Ik kan het iedereen aanraden.


    Wonderful post, very similar zo the one that I have pubslished this morning, funny coincedence, :) Anyway, you look gorgeous on these photos!

    Thanks! :]
    Liking your story, too!

    Emma, the pictures are absolutely breathtaking! The last picture is magic.

    Just wanted to point out one thing – there’s been some repetitive sentences/paragraphs in the articles lately, but this one has a whole lot in particular. In case you missed it, and want to clean it up. :)

    Until then, a staycation sounds perfect!

    Thanks! And THANKS for pointing that out! Appreciate! We’re working on it as we speak. Thanks! X

    Beautiful post and photos!


    Thanks Nesrin! :]

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